Welcome to The Practice Tradition of MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony

MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao 5-Element Yoga, Inward Honing and MogaDao Meditation, Heartmind Warrior Training, and MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality

The MogaDao COSMOS 7-Day Intensive

The MogaDao Cosmos brings together all of the disciplines of the MogaDao practice tradition in a week of devout study—MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao Yoga, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, Heartmind Warrior Training (soft and hard training options, to accommodate the great...

The Erotic Basis of Being Workshops-Sept 22nd and 24th

A workshop series incorporating all of the MogaDao disciplines—MogaDao Yoga, MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, MogaDao Gongfu, and Empty Sky Meditation as the foundation for the Erotic Basis of Being teachings of MogaDao. Additionally, Master Zhenzan...

August 20th-December 17th-In the Spirits of the Body: Albuquerque Workshop Series

In the Spirits of the Body: Organ Health and 5-Element Harmony, MogaDao 5-Element Yoga and MogaDao Qigong with Master Zhenzan Dao at High Desert Yoga 4600 Copper Ave., NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108 August 20 September 17-postponed October 22 November 19 December 17 I...

The MogaDao practice tradition encompasses 5 disciplines: MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao Yoga, Empty Sky Meditation, the Heartmind Warrior Training Program (incorporating MogaDao Gongfu Training and the Heartmind Warrior Seminar, which is an academic class focusing on cultural, spiritual, and artistic subjects), and the Depth Sexology Program, a comprehensive study of sexuality and eros for the modern age. (“Depth Sexology” is a term that Zhenzan Dao coined in 2017, following the Depth Ecology and Depth Psychology movements).

MogaDao derives from no prior culture in particular, but antecedents of MogaDao might be found in aspects of the Samurai culture of Japan, with its emphasis on martial training and poetry; in the artistic Chan and Daoist culture of the Tang Dynasty, with its emphasis on refinement of movement and thought, monastic devotion and meditation, and on the healing arts; in the Greek School of Athens of antiquity, with its emphasis on intellectual camaraderie and ethics in society; and in the Jungian school of the twentieth and twenty-first century, with its foundation in archetype and mythopoetic consciousness.

The MogaDao Institute, in Santa Fe, NM, is the main training location for the five disciplines of MogaDao. The curriculum at the MogaDao Institute is divided into three eleven-week semesters, a month of week-long “GALAXY Immersions” (during the month of July) for concentrated study on separate MogaDao disciplines, and, at the beginning of each November, a 10-day MogaDao COSMOS, which is an intensive of all of the disciplines practiced together.

Each week at the MogaDao Institute Master Zhenzan Dao teaches an extraordinary breadth of practices encompassing the entire tradition of MogaDao. Additionally, on rare occasions throughout the year, Master Zhenzan Dao teaches MogaDao Intensives, of various disciplines and themes, around the country.

All classes taught by Master Zhenzan Dao are open to the public. Beginners are always welcome. Some classes are “open enrollment,” which means that drop-ins are welcome at any time. Other classes are “closed enrollment,” which means that students need to sign-up in advance in order to participate in that class for the semester. Please see the “MOGADAO CLASSES” section of this website for details.

Many students are interested in certifying to become teachers of the MogaDao disciplines. The process of teacher certification in MogaDao is formidable and non-consumerist, and deeply rewarding. Please see details In the “MOGADAO TEACHER TRAINING” section of this website.

Much of the ideology of MogaDao is Daoist, according to Zhenzan Dao’s interpretations of Daoism. But much is also Western. Notions of primordiality, psychospirituality, mythopoeticism, and notions about the soul are primarily Western concepts. The MogaDao practice tradition represents an extraordinarily comprehensive approach to the sacrament of existence. The MogaDao Institute draws students of the highest dedication to study, train, and perhaps to become teachers of the disciplines of MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony, or to become MogaDao Sifus, teachers of the entire MogaDao tradition.

The weekly practices are also for those not necessarily interested in teaching, but who are seeking personal healing and an inclusive, sacred practice community. There are courses designed specifically for beginners of the various disciplines, and the atmosphere of all of the classes is as magnanimous and friendly as it is devout.

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