Depth Sexology: A Program for Sexual Wisdom

Winter Semester at the MogaDao Institute: Beginning January 13th

3.15pm to 4.30pm: Depth Sexology: The Erotic Basis of Being
(first gender group – female identified) (closed enrollment) $15

4.45pm to 6pm: Depth Sexology: The Erotic Basis of Being
(second gender group – male identified) (closed enrollment) $15

Depth Sexology is a term that I have coined—following the Depth Psychology and Depth Ecology movements—to indicate the study of sexuality as it relates to—shapes and is shaped by—all of Being. I have of late been a little dismayed by the employment of the word “sacred” in contemporary contexts of sexuality, such that “sacred sexuality” now seems to indicate not so much the breathtaking sacrament of eros but a kind of sublimated sexual dating game. Therefore, the previous description of our sexuality work in MogaDao, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, is in 2017 not nearly as expressive of the breadth of our program as it was many years ago. Depth Sexology: A Program for Sexual Wisdom, then, is an attempt to expand sexuality studies into the immense context of eros that has always been the life force of the sexuality studies of MogaDao—but we have not gone far enough, nor widely enough. The sexual fracture of our time calls for sexual wisdom. That is the phrase that will be the defining motif of our studies: sexual wisdom—and that is the title of the book I am writing on the subject of sexuality and the work of MogaDao. This means that we will be combining studies in MogaDao Internal Alchemy, MogaDao Qigong Sexuality Forms, new (and established) personal cultivation practices, Jade Egg practices, the Erotogenic Qigong and Breathwork that I have lately developed, as well as studies in sexual anthropology and ethics, studies in alternative sexualities (queer theory), sexuality and eroticism in art and literature, and forms and practices designed for step-by-step processes in healing sexual trauma. Gender identifications will be separated for most of the semester. Probably twice within the semester we will have combined practices (all-gender practices.) And in future there will be a semester devoted entirely to non-binary sexualities. Everyone is welcome, but enrollment is closed for this class. Pre-registration is mandatory. To register, please sign-up at the administration desk of the MogaDao Institute or write to Thomas Jaggers, Director of Community Relations of MogaDao, at: