The Saturday Evening MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality Series continues on May 6th with an all-genders event this time. (In this ongoing monthly series we rotate between all-gender workshops, male identified workshops, and female identified workshops). We’ll practice carefully the MogaDao Internal Alchemy Series for the development of sexual essence and overall vitality (students will be given written instructions to take with them so that they can follow-up the practice at home); we’ll practice the MogaDao Sexual Essence Qigong Forms for all genders; we’ll discuss the relationship between Yin and Yang energy within the personal body and within the society at large, with particular attention to our current time; and we’ll discuss the role of Eros in the spiritual life from the perspective of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality. As ever, all genders and all sexual orientations are celebrated.

Note: Although this is an ongoing series, and in a sense the information is cumulative, the teaching is also cyclical. This monthly workshop series is designed to be a continuous part of the MogaDao Institute curriculum, and as such students can join the practice at any time (without prior workshop experience).

Cost for the Workshop is $45 ($0-$50 sliding scale available)

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