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November 2017

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  • 2017 MogaDao Cosmos
  • 2017 MogaDao Cosmos
  • 2017 MogaDao Cosmos
  • 2017 MogaDao Cosmos
  • 2017 MogaDao Cosmos
  • 2017 MogaDao Cosmos
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  • MogaDao Cosmological Qigong
  • MogaDao 5-Element Yoga—Intermediate Level

On Payment for Classes: A Letter to My Students

In January 2017 I became a MogaDao Daoist monk, a decision that changed every aspect of my life, including my relationship to the economic aspect of teaching. I understood that what I wished in the depths of my heart was to break the timeworn maxim that “you get what you pay for.” That is of course an essentially capitalistic maxim, and it is cold—and what is cold is not eternal. I realized that it might be incumbent on someone such as myself, whose entire life has been devoted to the practices that I teach, such that their value might be indisputable, to consciously break the link between money (the price of classes) and value (the precision and profundity of what is offered), in order to liberate spiritual practice from the economic privilege that can afford it.

But liberation cannot happen alone; liberation is relational. Therefore, instead of capitalism, I would like the ethos around payment for studying at the MogaDao Institute to be guided by Eros, by which is meant, in this sense of the term, the vulnerable and mutual dependence that a student and a teacher have on each other.

A teacher is dependent upon a student to accurately value what that teacher gives, and to make the sacrifices necessary to pay for that gift; the student also represents a quality of wakeful aliveness that is priceless and cannot be reduced to a monetary value alone. Likewise, a student is dependent upon the teacher to represent and to embody an essence that no amount of money can buy. In other words, there is a paradox with regard to the spirituality of payment: students are valued beyond their capacity to pay for classes, and the teacher is valued beyond the price set for the gift of their teaching.

These mutual dependencies of teacher and student form the “Eros bond” between teacher and student that is a core value of the MogaDao practice tradition. To truly uphold this bond, especial payment practices may be necessary.

Naturally, it is of considerable benefit to me if students pay the standard price for classes. I greatly appreciate this valuation of my teaching. For a MogaDao monk—an essentially Eastern monk in a Western civilization—is not state-supported, and despite the relative simplicity of my life, I have costs of living just as does anyone. But money is not the only valuation of the “Eros bond.” Devotion in practice is also a value. Extraordinarily devoted students of any of the practices of MogaDao who cannot afford classes can make a Payment Arrangement according to their economic capacity.

Students taking their first MogaDao class, in any MogaDao discipline, can pay the standard class price or pay according to a sliding scale that begins with $0.

To make a Payment Arrangement for classes at the MogaDao Institute, one needs to arrange a conference with either Sunny Smyth, the Business Manager of MogaDao (), or Thomas Jaggers, the Community Relations Director of MogaDao ().

These payment practices are effective as of September 1, 2017. Thank you for weaving with me this sacramental web of value,


Master Zhenzan Dao

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