Mogadao Heartmind Warrior Training Program

Winter Semester Classes Begin Jan 12th 2018
The Heartmind Warrior Training Program at the MogaDao Institute seeks to combine somatic experience with penetrating intellectual, spiritual, social, and aesthetic considerations that bear directly on the sacrament of existence. In the somatic realm, the program focuses on the martial arts as a frame for training the spirit toward a supreme tenderness through spiritualized personal and communal empowerment. In the academic realm, challenging subjects are deeply delved into in an atmosphere of brave collegiality and scholarship.
Heartmind Warrior Gongfu Sensitivity Training
2pm to 2.55pm: $12 (open enrollment class*)
Soft MogaDao Gongfu (martial arts) explorations in a spiritualized and devout atmosphere. Students practice a relatively gentle but precise fitness routine, followed by soft sparring for spiritual considerations and energetic sensitivity training. This class is conducted in a monastic atmosphere of reverence. Beginners are most welcome.
Heartmind Warrior Seminar: Art, Spirituality, Culture
3pm to 4:15pm: $15 (closed enrollment class* no drop-ins after the first week)
Poetry as the consecration of life—both the reading of poems and the writing of poems. The course is divided into themes, with a hand-picked anthology of poems, and framed by an excellent text on the art of engaging with poetry.
Heartmind Warrior Intense Gongfu Training
4.30pm to 6:00pm: $20 (includes Empty Sky Meditation at the end)
(open enrollment class; before participation, prospective students are required to witness one class and interview with Master Zhenzan Dao)
Heartmind Warrior Intense Gongfu Training consists of an intense physical regimen followed by instruction of hard MogaDao Gongfu forms, martial techniques, and partial- and full-contact technical sparring. This class is only suitable for students of an extreme level of physical fitness. (The MogaDao Yoga Challenging Session is highly recommended for both the current and aspiring martial artists of this class). No martial arts experience is necessary. This class is conducted in a monastic atmosphere of reverence.