January 9th-March 24th 2018


All classes take place at the Railyard Performance Center, in Santa Fe, NM
(Please note: this schedule begins on Tuesday, January 2nd.
Classes continue as previously until Saturday, December 16, 2017, which is the last day of classes before the holiday break).


Beginning in 2018 the curricular year of MogaDao study will be divided into four distinct semesters. The semesters last for 11 weeks and concur with the seasons, and there is a two-week pause or vacation between each semester. This organization of the study year at the MogaDao Institute accomplishes many things. First, it allows me to develop curriculum according to the cosmology of the seasons, and to encapsulate that curriculum in framed blocks of time. Secondly, the many students who are planning to travel from afar to study at the MogaDao Institute will find enrolling for a full semester to be a satisfying, organized way to approach low-residency long-term study of MogaDao. With the semester system, students will know the dates of each semester far in advance (the semester dates 2018 are posted below), and this should make planning to come to Santa Fe much easier.


Beginning in January, some of the classes at the MI will be “open enrollment” and some will be “closed enrollment.” An open enrollment class is a class that anyone can take at anytime; walk-ins are always welcome, and there is no obligation whatsoever to attend regularly. A closed enrollment class is a class for which one must sign-up in advance, and walk-ins are not permitted. Closed enrollment classes include the Heartmind Warrior Seminar: Art, Spirituality, and Culture class and the new Depth Sexology: The Erotic Basis of Being Program. These two classes delve deeply into areas of terrific sensitivity, and this level of depth, tenderness, and courage mandates a sense of security and trust that can only come with a group of students who study reliably and familiarly together. Naturally, this “closed” group opens up again entirely for the following semester, when enrollment begins again. Anyone can enroll in a “closed enrollment” class; it is only that registration for that class has to take place before the semester begins. There is a one week grace period, at the beginning of each semester, during which time students can still register for the class. After that first week, no new students will be admitted into the class for that semester*. Students enrolling in closed enrollment classes should imagine that they will not miss more than three class sessions in a given semester. Students can register for the 2018 winter semester closed enrollment classes (listed below) by writing Thomas Jaggers at: or signing up at the administrative desk at the MogaDao Institute.

*In certain very rare cases, non-local students who have studied intensively at the MogaDao Institute or in COSMOSES and/or GALAXIES after January of 2017, if they arrive to study at the MI in the middle of a semester, may communicate with me personally about the possibility of participating in a closed enrollment class during their stay.


12.15pm 1.30pm:

MogaDao Cosmological Qigong

This class focuses on cosmological qigong, which is qigong in accordance with the seasons and the rhythms of nature; medical qigong, which is qigong directly related to the 5 Elements and the Organs to which the Elements correspond; and MogaDao Qigong rituals, which are especially sacrosanct qigong practices orchestrated to attend spiritually and medically to conditions in the natural or sociopolitical environment. This class is the learning venue for the MogaDao seasonal transition forms (the four MogaDao Yijing Forms) and the MogaDao Yin and Yang Tonifying Forms. Practice of the MogaDao short and long taiji/gongfu forms, which are new forms based on MogaDao 5-Element Theory and the psychospiritual principals of Heartmind Warriorship, might also be incorporated into this class. Beginners are welcome.

1.45pm to 2.45pm:

Soft MogaDao Yoga: The Fundamentals

This MogaDao Yoga class focuses on a large variety of simpler yoga poses and the fundamental principals of MogaDao Yoga, including: MogaDao 5-Element Theory, the MogaDao Yoga Body Cosmology (the unique correspondences between classical Indian asana and MogaDao 5-Element Theory), “Qigong Consciousness” in yoga, the MogaDao Yoga 5-Element Sun Salutations, and the particular breathing patterns of MogaDao Yoga. This class is for beginners of yoga practice; more seasoned practitioners will find a great breadth of essential material in this class, as well as a most comprehensive preparation for the following MogaDao Yoga class.

3pm to 4pm:

Challenging MogaDao Yoga: The Intense Session

As the title suggests, this is a challenging and intense MogaDao Yoga class. On some days we practice MogaDao 5-Element Vinyasa. MogaDao 5-Element Vinyasa is a demanding, flowing, variable routine that follows the creation cycle—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water—of the MogaDao Yoga Body Cosmology asanas in-between the vinyasa flow. On other days, we have a MogaDao Yoga Essential Element practice, which focuses on the genre of asanas that relate to a particular Element—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water—with the intention of breaking through stagnations and plateaus in our yoga practice whether psychological or physical in nature.


2pm to 2.55pm:

Heartmind Warrior Gongfu Sensitivity Training

(open enrollment)

This is a physical gongfu training class for those interested in the ideological, spiritual, and somatic experience of MogaDao Gongfu, but who are not interested in over-the-top physical exertion. MogaDao Gongfu (in both iterations of its practice, sensitivity and intense) focuses on highly spiritualized martial arts training. Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training allows students to explore energetic dynamics of a martial nature through close contact training that is not physically dangerous, though our work in this class is psychologically “perilous,” which is one of its major purposes: to challenge our hidden complacencies. Students learn aspects of Push Hands taiji, MogaDao Qigong for personal empowerment, soft partner sparring, the MogaDao Gongfu Short and/or Long Forms (taiji versions). The same explorations of the MogaDao concepts of Original Eros, Lyricism, True Power, True Yin and True Yang, and Harmonized Non-violence that are institutionalized in the intense MogaDao Gongfu class are explored in this quieter, gentler environment. Beginners are most welcome.

3pm to 4pm:

Heartmind Warrior Seminar: Art, Spirituality, Culture

(closed enrollment)

This is an academic seminar, with discussions and considerations in response to subjects that pertain especially to human flourishing. There is a particular subject for each 11-week semester, such as: Race and Existence, Spiritual Warriorship, Sexuality and Gender, etc. As indicated in the title, the range of subjects is vast, spanning art, spirituality, and culture (the sociopolitical sphere). Many of these topics are purposely “difficult” subjects. We seek to delve deeply into the shadow of being that is our comfort with conditioning and habituation, in order to begin to imagine a more just, daring, harmonious, and cherishing existence, for ourselves and for others. Other semester topics are of a more aesthetic nature. For instance, a semester is devoted to poetry—the reading and writing of poetry as a sacrament. Another semester is devoted to spirituality in art, etc. This pattern of consideration, from the deeply challenging and uncomfortable to the searching and the sublime, is the way of the Heartmind Warrior.


4.15pm to 5.45pm:

Heartmind Warrior Intense Gongfu Training
(open enrollment, but requiring an interview)

(includes Empty Sky Meditation)

This is a full intensity martial arts class, but for the purpose of spiritual refinement and self-understanding. Students work assiduously toward the goal of what I call the “mingjing,” which is a compound word coinage meaning: “clear, bright lens,” by which is meant self-transparency. The purpose of this class is as stated: spiritual. One develops one’s qi, one’s life force, to the extent that, through constant conflict and perilous contact in a spiritualized setting, one begins to empty oneself of delusion. Heartmind Warrior Intense Gongfu Training is also an intense physical fitness class. Indeed, the physical regimen of this class is extreme by any standards. The sparring is partial- or full-contact and extremely technical. Students learn a vast vocabulary of combat techniques, and we practice the Heartmind Warrior Standard Forms at full intensity. New students to this class are required (at no charge) to witness a class without participation, and to interview with me before they may participate.

5.45pm to 6pm:

Empty Sky Meditation

(open enrollment)

Empty Sky Meditation, a simple but profound methodology of daily meditation, is the standard meditation of the MogaDao practice tradition. Through a series of steps, from the somatic to the imaginal, in which the body is at once awakened and quieted, the Lungs (emotions) cleansed, and the spirit stilled, practitioners are guided into meditation.

7.15pm to 8.45pm:

SACRA: Immanence Theater

(open enrollment)

This is not so much a class as a weekly theater workshop which itself is the proto-preparation for the performance rituals of SACRA, a sacred theater company that I will be directing—almost surely beginning in 2018—and which is the natural creative expression of the work of the MogaDao practice tradition and my lifelong interest in the spiritual potential—or the spiritual challenge, I might rather say—of the unconventional theater. The theater work is both a subset of the MogaDao tradition and open to outside influences and participation. SACRA is to MogaDao what the Shaolin circus might be to the Shaolin Temple. But SACRA is decidedly anti-entertainment, an “anti-transcendence theater,” as I have been describing it. (Indeed, the word “immanence,” of the subtitle of the theater, expresses the idea that the spiritual world permeates the material world—which, to me, is Daoism—and there is therefore no need for “transcendence.”) These weekly workshop sessions incorporate physical training and psychospiritual explorations. Gradually, I will be introducing the specific themes and scripts that will eventually become SACRA performances. But our work will be introspective as actors and explorers. These workshops will be—to paraphrase the Rumi poem—like miners working in the ground, rather than the stamping of gold coins. That gold coin stamping—the performances—will be but an afterthought of our training together. Everyone is welcome. (That is to say, for now everyone is welcome. At some point in the future, these friday evenings may be restricted, for a time, to the actual members of the SACRA theater company, as we prepare for a performance).



2pm to 3pm:

Morning Medical Qigong

(open enrollment/drop-in)

Morning Medical Qigong is the foundational form of MogaDao Qigong. The 10-form set covers all of the organs in the zangfu system of TCM; a great variety of psychological archetypes are touched as well in this comprehensive form. For MogaDao Qigong is a medical but also a mythopoetical qigong, by which I mean energy, in MogaDao Qigong, is related to the life of the soul. The energetic mythopoetics that I have brought to qigong is perhaps the most defining feature of MogaDao Qigong, and nowhere is this aspect more clear than in Morning Medical Qigong. This class is a qigong fundamentals class, and is suitable, nay, designed for beginners. For the entire Winter Semester 2018 at the MogaDao Institute, I am consciously reducing the physicality of this form, in order to focus on the subtlest aspects of the cultivation of qi, and to make sure that those studying this form in order to heal from chronic illness receive the necessary medicine. This is also the class where students learn the most basic principals of qigong, as well as the MogaDao Hieratic Stance Series, which is a series of qigong energetic “totems” of human archetype. This class is for beginners; of course more seasoned qigong students and teachers benefit greatly from this material.

3.15pm to 4.30pm:

Depth Sexology: The Erotic Basis of Being

(female identified) (closed enrollment)

4.45pm to 6pm:

Depth Sexology: The Erotic Basis of B

eing(male identified) (closed enrollment)


Depth Sexology is a term that I have coined—following the Depth Psychology and Depth Ecology movements—to indicate the study of sexuality as it relates to—shapes and is shaped by—all of Being. I have of late been a little dismayed by the employment of the word “sacred” in contemporary contexts of sexuality, such that “sacred sexuality” now seems to indicate not so much the breathtaking sacrament of eros but a kind of sublimated sexual dating game. Therefore, the previous description of our sexuality work in MogaDao, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, is in 2017 not nearly as expressive of the breadth of our program as it was many years ago. Depth Sexology: The Erotic Basis of Being, then, is an attempt to expand sexuality studies into the immense context of eros that has always been the life force of the sexuality studies of MogaDao—but we have not gone far enough, nor widely enough. The sexual fracture of our time calls for sexual wisdom. That is the phrase that will be the defining motif of our studies: sexual wisdom—and that is the title of the book I am writing on the subject of sexuality and the work of MogaDao. This means that we will be combining studies in MogaDao Internal Alchemy, MogaDao Qigong Sexuality Forms, new (and established) personal cultivation practices, Jade Egg practices, the Erotogenic Qigong and Breathwork that I have lately developed, as well as studies in sexual anthropology, studies in alternative sexualities (queer theory), sexuality and eroticism in art and literature, and forms and practices designed for step-by-step processes in healing sexual trauma. Gender identifications will be separated for most of the semester. Probably twice within the semester we will have combined practices (all-gender practices.) And in future there will be a semester devoted entirely to non-binary sexualities. Everyone is welcome, but enrollment is closed for this class. Pre-registration, as described above, is mandatory.