Dear MogaDao and Daochan students:

A week from this Saturday, April 1st, we have the continuation of the Saturday MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality Workshop Series.

This time we will be separating the male and female workshops, in order to deepen into the practices. (As we proceed with the Saturday MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality Workshop Series, some of the workshops will be separated by gender identifications, and some will be combined.)

Male Identifying Workshop


at the Paradiso Space (behind Fruits of the Earth Natural Health),

at 903 Early St., Santa Fe, NM

Female Identifying Workshop


at the Railyard Performance Center, Santa Fe, NM

(These workshops will focus in part on the practices that relate directly to the anatomies of males and females respectively, and/or the energies thereof. Gender non-conforming individuals, transgender individuals, and intersex individuals will study in whichever context(s) they identify)

What to Expect

In both the male and female workshops on April 1st, I will be covering all of the aspects of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, but in a more intimate way than I did last month, which workshop served as our introduction to the work. We will practice sexual self-esteem exercises; we’ll deepen into the MogaDao Sexual Essence Qigong Forms that we learned last month, and we’ll learn new sexual essence qigong forms; I will be introducing and teaching (simulating and describing) personal practices for health and sexual vitality; we’ll be discussing the nature of sacred sexuality, politics and sexuality, gender, and pornography; and we’ll be speaking about sexuality within relationships, and about sacredness and energetic care with regard to various styles of relationship; I will be addressing the powerful and important association between healing (from chronic illnesses) and the very particular practices and ideologies of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality; and spiritually we’ll be addressing the question of how sexuality and spirituality are integrated in MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony, for all individuals, from the consciously celibate to those in sexual relationships.

Looking forward to deepening into this beautiful work,