Sexual Predation and the Betrayal of the True Yang

How the Binary Gender Code Makes us Less Human

In this talk I will discuss the MogaDao philosophies of True Yang and True Yin in an attempt to shed light on the way in which the prevailing culture’s limited definitions of gender and sexuality might contribute to pathologies of sexual predation. By “sexual predation” I mean non-mutual sexualities, which are not sexualities at all, in my view, but what I would call existential tantrums.

I have long spoken about how the absence of the True Yang invariably manifests as a kind of tantrum. I will be speaking about sexual predation in terms of a tantrum: the tantrum of non-existence. For when the mythical realm of the True Yang and the True Yin are bypassed in the name of superficial “power”—leverage over others—the meaning of one’s life has already become doubtful to oneself. It is daunting to imagine that much of the history of civilization, in terms of sociopolitical sexual disease, is due to this paramount insecurity.

What, then, is True Yang and True Yin, according to MogaDao philosophy? And how might these concepts serve to guide us toward profound personal satisfactions and away from the will to destruction? How might the culturally enforced binary sexual code diminish our lives?

These are some of the questions I will be attempting to answer.