In the Spirits of the Body:
Organ Health and 5-Element Harmony,
MogaDao 5-Element Yoga and MogaDao Qigong
with Master Zhenzan Dao
at High Desert Yoga
4600 Copper Ave., NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108

August 20
September 17-postponed
October 22
November 19
December 17

I will be teaching a 5-month MogaDao practice semester at High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque, beginning on Sunday, August 20th and continuing once a month—every 3rd Sunday of the month—through December. The goal of this workshop series is to bring the medicine, psychospirituality, and mythopoetics of MogaDao to a robust and sincere yoga practice community in Albuquerque—not so much for an “event” but rather for the purposes of a profound education and introduction to the MogaDao practice tradition.

Each 3-hour workshop will focus on an Element of MogaDao 5-Element Theory and a corresponding organ within the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Half of the class will be focused on the yoga asanas that relate to the Element and Organ (for instance we’ll begin with the Liver and Wood), and half the class will be focused on the MogaDao Qigong forms that sustain, nourish, and inform the Organ and Element.

IN THE SPIRITS OF THE BODY is both an introductory MogaDao Yoga and MogaDao Qigong class, and a study in MogaDao theory in general. (All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome, and no experience in qigong is necessary.) One need not take all of the workshops, but of course they represent a complete system, and as such the complete course is advisable.


Walk-ins: $55.00 per workshop
Payment in Advance for all 5 workshops: $200 (contact High Desert Yoga)
For students enrolled in any of the teacher training programs of MogaDao (or devoted, regular students at the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe): $35 per workshop.

To sign-up for the workshop please call High Desert Yoga at: 505-232-9642 or consult their website for registration at:

In practice,