The MogaDao COSMOS 7-Day Intensive

Monday November 6th-Sunday November 12th

The MogaDao Cosmos brings together all of the disciplines of the MogaDao practice tradition in a week of devout study—MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao Yoga, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, Heartmind Warrior Training (soft and hard training options, to accommodate the great width of physical capacities among MogaDao practitioners), and Empty Sky Meditation. MogaDao students and MogaDao teachers come from all over the country and the world to participate together in the deepening, refining, and celebrating of every aspect of the MogaDao practice tradition. Beginners find the Cosmos to be the doorway into the rare experience of a sacred practice tradition in the modern era; for a beginner, a single Cosmos is perhaps the equivalent, in embodiment and learning, to 6 months or even a year of discursive study at the MogaDao Institute. Students mid-way in their studies of MogaDao make quantum leaps at the Cosmos; often what was “theoretical” becomes embodied, and what seemed intimidating or unattainable becomes utterly available and instinctual. At the Cosmos, students who are mid-way in their training invariably gain the confidence to become MogaDao teachers, and they begin planning their testing process. And advanced students and teachers of the MogaDao practices find new heights of refinement in their practices, and “tone-up” all of their forms, increase exponentially their theoretical knowledge, bring their practices up to date with the current MogaDao Institute and Master Zhenzan Dao’s most recent teachings, and become re-inspired both as teachers and as students of MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony.

The MogaDao Cosmos is designed to accommodate every level of practitioner. Only a small portion of the Cosmos program is not suitable physically for all practitioners, namely the early morning Heartmind Warrior Gongfu Training, and the advanced MogaDao Yoga class, which special yoga session is offered just twice during the Cosmos. During these sessions, there are alternative programs for students for whom these intensely physical practices are not appealing.

The Cosmos is also designed carefully not just to be informative but healing. Interpolated into the didactic and experiential learning are also sessions of healing and rest; mental, emotional, and spiritual space is provided, so that students can experience a restorative as well as a stimulating learning experience. Each day there are classroom sessions in addition to the physical practice sessions, which furthers the comprehensive nature of the Cosmos; it is this blend of the spiritual and theoretical, the focused physical and the restful, and the remove from “society” into the the sacred cloister of monastic practice and living that is so inestimably beneficial and transforming for many people.

The atmosphere of the MogaDao Cosmos is essentially monastic. We train and practice together, eat together, and those of us who have chosen to stay on site—which is highly recommended—go to sleep and rise under the same roof. We are even in solitude “together,” whether reviewing our notes in our rooms, sitting in meditation, or wandering the beautiful grounds of The Chi Center.

Lastly, the Cosmos is a time of great joy for myself, in that we essentially create together a physical monastery which mirrors to a great extent the monastic life that I live in the mountains. For some 10 hours a day, for some 7 days, I get to interact with students new and seasoned, on every level of human being. The energy of creative joy and genesis that this atmosphere engenders is fairly beyond description. Together we make a world—one that we refer to from henceforth as a touchstone for what is possible for our individual lives and our community.

~Master Zhenzan Dao

Cosmos Registration


We are now open for pre-registration for the 2017 MogaDao COSMOS 7-day Intensive, which will take place at the Chi Center in Galisteo, just outside Santa Fe, from Monday November 6th to Sunday November 12th.

Please Read through the information below for all of the details.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us here:


The Cost of the Tuition including All Meals is $1480 (plus tax)


As per the Tradition of MogaDao, we also have a sliding scale available for those that are in need of assistance. The Sliding scale for the 2017 COSMOS is $1130 to $148​0 (plus tax)​. Please read the statement entitled, “On Payment” below for more information about our sliding scale.

On Payment

In January 2017 I became a MogaDao Daoist monk, a decision that changed every aspect of my life, including my relationship to the economic aspect of teaching. I understood that what I wished in the depths of my heart was to break the timeworn maxim that “you get what you pay for.” That is of course an essentially capitalistic maxim, and it is cold—and what is cold is not eternal. I realized that it might be incumbent on someone such as myself, whose entire life has been devoted to the practices that I teach, such that their value might be indisputable, to consciously break the link between money (the price of classes) and value (the precision and profundity of what is offered), in order to liberate spiritual practice from the economic privilege that can afford it.
But liberation cannot happen alone; liberation is relational. Therefore, instead of capitalism, I would like the ethos around payment for studying at the MogaDao Institute to be guided by Eros, by which is meant, in this sense of the term, the vulnerable and mutual dependence that a student and a teacher have on each other.
A teacher is dependent upon a student to accurately value what that teacher gives, and to make the sacrifices necessary to pay for that gift; the student also represents a quality of wakeful aliveness that is priceless and cannot be reduced to a monetary value alone. Likewise, a student is dependent upon the teacher to represent and to embody an essence that no amount of money can buy. In other words, there is a paradox with regard to the spirituality of payment: students are valued beyond their capacity to pay for classes, and the teacher is valued beyond the price set for the gift of their teaching.
These mutual dependencies of teacher and student form the “Eros bond” between teacher and student that is a core value of the MogaDao practice tradition. To truly uphold this bond, especial payment practices may be necessary.
Naturally, it is of considerable benefit to me if students pay the standard price for classes. I greatly appreciate this valuation of my teaching. For a MogaDao monk—an essentially Eastern monk in a Western civilization—is not state-supported, and despite the relative simplicity of my life, I have costs of living just as does anyone. But money is not the only valuation of the “Eros bond.” Devotion in practice is also a value. For the standard curriculum at the MogaDao Institute, extraordinarily devoted students of any of the practices of MogaDao who cannot afford classes can make a Payment Arrangement according to their economic capacity.
Likewise, participation in the MogaDao Cosmos represents a sincere commitment to the practices of MogaDao and a true engagement with the tradition. Because of the tremendous output of energy on the part of Master Zhenzan Dao—teaching essentially ten hours a day for seven consecutive days—and the operational costs of a week-long intensive, students will not be able to fashion their own economic payment plan for the Cosmos. There is however a sliding scale which is intended to make the Cosmos as affordable as it can be.

Thank you for weaving with me this sacramental web of value,

Master Zhenzan Dao



All Meals are included in the cost of the COSMOS. We will be serving three healthy and nourishing meals a day.

We have spoken at length with the chef at the Chi Center and the food will be in keeping within the highest standards.


The meals will be gluten and refined sugar-free and 100% non-GMO organic (when available)


In terms of meat, fish, or fowl, these will be grass-fed, wild-caught, or pasture-raised. Just as much attention will be given to vegetarian offerings at all meals.


Oils used will be olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, and avocado oil. The menus will be chosen for relative simplicity and nutrient density, with no additives, glutamates, flavorings etc


Unfortunately, we are not able to offer variable meal plans.


Please do let us know of any other dietary restrictions you have so that we can communicate that information to the chef.


The COSMOS will be Monday November 6th to Sunday November 12th

The Cosmos will start at 10am​ on Monday November 6th. Registration will open at 8​am that morning.

People staying at the Chi Center should arrive by 8.30am at the latest in order to have time to get situated in the lodging.

Everyone else should arrive by 9.30am at the latest so that we can start the first session on time. Lunch and dinner will be provided that day.​

The Cosmos will finish at the end of the morning session on Sunday November 12th, at around 12.30pm.

Only breakfast will be available on that day in order to allow those who need to to leave as early as possible​.




We will be hosting the COSMOS at The Chi Center in Galisteo, NM.

Lodging at the Chi Center is available for up to 45​ people, so if you are coming from out of town, please register as soon as you can in order to reserve your lodging.

Lodging is available in double rooms and in dorm rooms of three, four or five ​beds.

Most double Rooms have a private bathroom; Dorm rooms have shared bathrooms.

The dorm rooms are spacious, some with common sitting areas.

Rooms are equipped with all bedding and simple amenities in a comfortable and peaceful setting. Quiet hours are expected in the evenings in all shared rooms.

The costs for lodging are as follows:

Dorm B​ed​room​: $270 per person, for the week​ (plus tax)

Double Room: $540 per person, for the week​ (plus tax)

Travel and Directions


The Chi Center: 40 Camino Vista Clara, Galisteo, NM 87540


The Chi Center is located about 25 minutes drive outside of Santa Fe. It is a beautiful and secluded venue that is home to the qigong school of Master Mingtong Gu. We are honored to be the first other qigong tradition to use the space since Master Mingtong bought the property two years ago.


The Chi Center is about 1.5 hours drive from Albuquerque airport and about 30 minutes drive from Santa Fe airport. Please arrange your travel in order to arrive at the Center by 8.30​am at the latest on Monday November 6th and to leave no earlier than 12.30pm on Sunday November 12th.


The Chi Center will not be available for lodging on Sunday November 5th, so students arriving from out of town on the Sunday will need to arrange lodging for that night.


If you need help with accommodation that night or with transportation to the Chi Center, please contact Jaye Marolla ()

Thank you. We look forward greatly to gathering again with the whole MogaDao community from around the world and diving deeply into practice together.