Class Descriptions

Depth Sexuality: Erotogenic Yoga

This new (2019), standard MogaDao Yoga series focuses on Zhen Dao’s innovations of asana and breathwork (“Erotogenic Breathing”) that enliven the sensual body by strengthening key muscles that support sexual vitality, as well as increasing blood flow to the erogenous zones, and relaxing the spirit. This class always finishes with in-depth teaching of the Erotogenic Foundations Series, which is a four-form series that Zhen Dao has developed from her clinical work with clients with so-called sexual dysfunction, employing key forms/movements of both Erotogenic Breathing and Erotogenic Yoga. Done regularly, this series represents a critical foundation for sexual and sensual vitality throughout one’s entire lifetime. 

Depth Sexuality: Jing Retrieval; The Eros Bridge Qigong Form; The Epicene Qigong Form

This single class covers some of the most essential aspects of the Depth Sexuality Program of MogaDao. Jing Retrieval refers to the unique meditation that encourages sexual or vital life force to emerge into the field of Qi. The Eros Bridge form, a 7-form series, is the most recent MogaDao Qigong form (June 2019), designed for individuals negotiating some form of non-acute sexual trauma, and for others as a gentler approach to their sensual selves and their sexual potential. The Epicene Qigong form is the Depth Sexuality Program’s 7-form series for sexual vitality and the liberation that comes from such seamless contact with one’s Jing, or vital life force. 

Floating Heart Meditation

Floating Heart Meditation is one of MogaDao’s three foundational meditations, the others being Empty Sky Meditation and Jing Retrieval. Floating Heart Meditation was originally created to address anxiety, but has revealed itself to be a meditation practice as comprehensive as that of Empty Sky Meditation.

Heartmind Seminar: Post-Daoism

The Heartmind Seminar is an ongoing academic class, with varying focuses that cover spiritual, sociopolitical, aesthetic, and philosophical aspects of consciousness. This semester the focus will be solely on the philosophy of Post-Daoism. “Post-Daoism” is a new branch of philosophy, created by Zhen Dao, incorporating the accumulated and matured thought of thirty years of original teaching, in order to establish her radical revaluations of “inherited” or classical Daoism. Post-Daoism represents a comprehensive revisioning of nearly all aspects of classical or inherited Daoism, including new understandings of Yin-Yang Theory and the introduction of a new Daoist essence: Yun; Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory (as distinct from inherited 5-Element Theory); sexuality and queerness based on new understandings of the Jing, rather than standard Daoist harmonies of static notions of “Yin” and “Yang”; paradigm-shifting reconceptualizations of the three essences of TCM and inherited Daoism: Jing, Qi, and Shen; the teachings of the Erotic Basis of Being and the concept of the Heartmind as a spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, and sociopolitical human responsibility; conceptions of violence and non-violence in a Post-Daoist universe; the place of desire in the spiritual life and in Post-Daoist cosmology; theories of immanence and transcendence through a Post-Daoist lens; and new Post-Daoist  definitions of power and performance.

Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training

Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training focuses on “Neurogenic Exercises” that function to uncondition or dehabituate individuals’ responses to conflict and stress, and to establish new pathways of response, on the level of the body, the heart, and the mind. These exercises, which are a kind of hybrid of SACRA Theater exercises and soft Jingshen Gongfu training techniques, performed in partnerships or in groups, serve to construct pathways of response that have a greater potential for harmony in the Post-Daoist sense of the term. This is not a physically demanding class, and is suitable for everyone.

Jingshen Gongfu and Empty Sky Meditation

Jingshen Gongfu is the MogaDao tradition’s physically intense and highly spiritualized mixed martial arts training. This is a rigorous training session suitable only for individuals who are already in extremely good physical condition. (All prospective students must watch the first class, and interview briefly with Zhen Dao before training). The fitness regimen is creative, primordial (sensitive, balletic, animalistic, communal), and extremely demanding, focusing on endurance, strength, speed, and sensual awareness. In addition to the fitness regimen, students learn all fighting techniques of Jingshen Gongfu, always with the Jingshen ideology of “awareness in conflict,” in group training and partner sparring, as a spiritual rite of personal and communal refinement. The training is always followed by MogaDao’s Empty Sky Meditation.

MogaDao 5-Realms Yoga

This is MogaDao’s standard hatha yoga class, conducted at an intermediate level—but tailorable to beginners. In MogaDao Yoga, every traditional yoga asana is categorized according to MogaDao’s 5-Realms Theory. In this class, a specific Realm is chosen as the anatomical and spiritual focus for that day’s practice. This enables practitioners to progressively develop their yoga, rather than plateauing. Additionally, a variety of asanas all focusing on the same aspect of consciousness and the relevant anatomy makes this class a deeply nourishing and comprehensive experience. In the past this class has been accompanied by a lecture on 5-Realms Theory; this semester the class is simply a thorough hatha yoga practice.

MogaDao Morning Medical Qigong

Morning Medical Qigong is the most comprehensive—and the first—qigong series of the MogaDao practice tradition. Eleven qigong forms are combined gracefully, covering all of the zangfu organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the archetypal, mythopoetic, and spiritual attributes of qigong as expressed in Post-Daoist philosophy. Morning Medical Qigong is the quintessential practice of qigong as a sacred movement art of reunion and communion. After decades of innovation, Morning Medical Qigong remains the most comprehensive (and the most popular) of all of MogaDao’s qigong forms. 

MogaDao Cosmological Qigong

Each MogaDao Cosmological Qigong class is as much a ritual as a class. All of MogaDao Qigong is archetypal and totemic: an expression of cosmic forces within the human body. There are four MogaDao Qigong forms that are especially designed to apprehend and express the energies of change and transition—the living Dao—of personal and cosmic flux. These forms done together are called “The Cosmic Soma.” The Cosmological Qigong class is the training for The Cosmic Soma, which represents the energetic bridge between the human and the beyond-human worlds. As such, these forms of qigong are deeply spiritual rites of prayer.

Primordial Yoga

Primordial Yoga is an advanced MogaDao Yoga practice created by Zhen Dao in 2019 to support the extreme fitness demands of Jingshen Gongfu and all forms of demanding dance training and martial arts practice, as well as the Body Chorus, or acrobatic component of SACRA Theater. Advanced MogaDao 5 Realms Vinyasa is incorporated into Primordial Yoga. This is an extremely challenging class focusing on non-linear movements, core strength, lower and upper body strength,  non-static flexibility and dynamic balance.

Sunrise Yoga

This standard MogaDao Yoga series is an ideal first yoga practice to begin one’s day. The Sunrise Yoga series focuses primarily on the Wood Realm in MogaDao’s Five Realms Theory. The Wood Realm in psycho-spiritual terms relates to hope, growth, innocence, and the birthing of self-esteem—all of the qualities necessary for beginnings. Asanas that target these psycho-spiritual qualities at an anatomical level make up the content of this practice.

Three Pillars Qigong for Trauma

This new (2019) MogaDao Qigong series focuses on the three phases of  trauma that Zhen Dao has identified as the essential stages of healing the “shatterment” of the Jing-Qi bridge, the passage between one’s destiny and one’s capacity to express it, that characterizes all types of trauma: “Parasympathis,” a coinage describing the active process of calming the traumatized nervous system; Neurogenesis, or the building of non-shattered pathways of Qi; and Reintegration, or the preparation of the field of qi for experience.

Yin, Yang, and Yun Tonifying Qigong Forms

In Post-Daoism there are three essences, not two; the Post-Daoist essence of “Yun” identifies an essential tension of mutuality between the two inherited Daoist essences of Yin and Yang that is not identified in the classical representations of these essences. The tradition of MogaDao, therefore, has three 5-form series, based on the 3 Post-Daoist essences of Yin, Yang, and Yun. The sequencing of these qigong forms follows MogaDao’s  5-Realms Theory, and the forms tonify the organs according to the energies of the three essences. This qigong class focuses on the careful study of these forms, both from a medicinal and spiritual point of view. This class is for those interested in the embodiment of the Post-Daoist notions of True Yin, True Yang, and True Yun, and the corresponding medicine and healing.


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