The 2020 MogaDao GUAN

The Annual 3-Month Practice Immersion and Teacher Training of MogaDao

Saturday, January 18th - Saturday, April 18th

The Guan

The GUAN is the single most concentrated study of the entire tradition of MogaDao. MogaDao is an original Post-Daoist practice tradition, founded and created by Zhen Dao, encompassing a wide range of practices which nourish nearly every aspect of human being. At the 3-month GUAN, every discipline is covered, and because of the density of the teaching, all of the disciplines of MogaDao interpenetrate and associate naturally, from the physical to the intellectual, from the spiritual to the sexual, from trauma to ecstasy, from meditation to studies in human, ecological, and cosmic relations. Students come from all over the world to concentrate their bodies, hearts, and minds on the profundity of human being and the embodiment that such profundity engenders and requires. The GUAN is also (as of 2020) the single possibility to receive the requisite training in order to test for teaching certification credentials within the tradition of MogaDao, and to study directly with Zhen Dao, the founder and creator of all of the practices of MogaDao. 


Beginning in 2020, students who would like to become teachers of any of the disciplines of the tradition of MogaDao will be required to attend the annual three-month MogaDao GUAN (pronounced GWARN, meaning Daoist temple, or, in our usage, the sacrament of concentrated spiritual, physical, intellectual, and sensual study). The GUAN is an in-depth and comprehensive immersion in all of the disciplines and practices of MogaDao, and the major part of the pedagogical training to become teachers of the MogaDao disciplines. Students are permitted to major in two MogaDao disciplines per annual GUAN, although the price of admission to the GUAN includes the possibility (but not the requirement) to study all of the disciplines of MogaDao, in essence, all of the offerings at the GUAN. All students attending the GUAN for the purposes of exponentially deepening their personal practices, or for potential certification, will major in one or two MogaDao disciplines that will be focused areas of study. All such full-time GUAN students are required to attend all of the morning sessions of the GUAN, as well as the afternoon sessions that pertain to their major or majors. Again, all full-time students can, if they wish, attend the instruction of all of the MogaDao disciplines in the afternoons, but they can only prepare to test to certify in two MogaDao disciplines per GUAN, which they must choose by the second day of the GUAN, though preferably before.

Two Ways to Participate in The GUAN

Teacher Certification and Non-Teacher Certification Options of Study

There are two ways to participate in the annual MogaDao GUAN. Firstly, students can take the entire three-month intensive, which grants all full-time participants access to all of the teachings, even though students taking the GUAN as a teacher certification requirement are required only to attend all the morning sessions and the afternoon/evening sessions that apply to their one or two chosen disciplines. Full-time GUAN students can choose to attend any, all, or none of the afternoons/evenings that are not their chosen techne as their majors or disciplines of concentration. However, in order both to know numbers and to ensure a close and safe container for all of the work done together, students must select in advance those afternoons/evenings that they wish to attend.

Secondly, for part-time students, the afternoon/evening sessions will double as MogaDao GALAXIES or immersions for individuals who are not necessarily enrolled in the GUAN’s teacher certification program, or as full-time students for their own edification. These are week-long immersions, occurring only in the afternoons/evenings, and they will function just as MogaDao GALAXIES have functioned in the past: as heightened concentrations of study in focused disciplines. In this way, in the afternoons/evenings part-time and full-time students will study together, depending upon the number of full-time GUAN participants, who have priority. The mornings will be only for full-time students.

GALAXY registration will open on December 1, 2019.

Important Notes

If you have not previously certified in MogaDao Morning Medical Qigong, then Qigong I must be one of the technés.

If you are a brand new student to MogaDao Institute, prior to registering we will conduct a brief intake interview in order for both you and the Institute to be sure that this is the right fit for you at this time in your life. Please contact Thomas Jaggers, the MogaDao Community Relations Director, to arrange an interview.

The 6 Disciplines of the MogaDao Practice Tradition

MogaDao Qigong

MogaDao Yoga

MogaDao Depth Sexuality and the Erotic Basis of Being

MogaDao Tripartite Meditation

Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training

Jingshen Gongfu

The foundational practices of the MogaDao tradition – the Hieratic Stance Series, Three Pillars Qigong for Trauma, and MogaDao Morning Medical Qigong – are taught in Qigong 1. These practices cover the comprehensive techne for a personal qigong practice, and furthermore, provide a deep understanding of mythopoetic and psycho-spiritual insights inherent in these forms, as embodied through the architecture of physical practice. As such, study of and certification in Qigong 1 is a requirement for the study and certification in any of the other MogaDao techne. Meaning that a new student will have to choose Qigong 1 as one of their majors, along with any of the other technés, if they so choose.


(Teachers who are already certified in Morning Medical Qigong, but not in Hieratic Stances Series or Three Pillars Qigong for Trauma, will be given the opportunity to certify in those practices separate from the GUAN, and so those previously-certified teachers may choose two other majors at the GUAN, and “catch up” on the certification in Qigong 1 at another time, either before or after the GUAN). 


Additionally, there are non-certified studies in Post-Daoism, the foundational philosophy of all of the MogaDao practices, and SACRA Theater, which experimentations and performances are spiritually and kinetically linked to MogaDao practices as foundational tools, but constitute creative modes of human expression not contained within or beholden to any practice discipline. The training for SACRA occurs primarily apart from the MogaDao GUAN, though the influence of SACRA’s “Immanence Theater” work pervades all of the work within MogaDao.

Daily Schedule

The mornings of the GUAN are exclusively for full-time GUAN attendees; the afternoons/evenings are for both GUAN full-time attendees and part-time students taking the GALAXIES or specific practice immersions, with no intention to certify.

8:00am – 12:00pm
Morning Practices and Foundational Seminars on Heartmind Warrior/Erotic Basis of Being/MogaDao as Medicine 

12:00pm – 3:00pm

3:00pm – 8:00pm

Weekly Schedule

Two-day Introductory Session: Saturday, January 18 – Sunday, January 19.
Afternoon Practice Focuses and GALAXIES (Mon - Fri; weekends off)

Week 1: Jan 20th – Qigong 1

Week 2: Jan 27th – Depth Sexuality and Erotic Basis of Being

Week 3: Feb 3rd – Qigong 2

Week 4: Feb 10th – MogaDao as Medicine, Yoga

Week 5: Feb 17th – Qigong 3

Week 6: Feb 24th – Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training

Week of March 2nd – Break

Week 7: March 9th – Depth Sexuality and the Erotic Basis of Being

Week 8: March 16th – Qigong 3 (including Hieraticum Equinox Ritual Friday, March 20th)

Week 9: March 23rd – MogaDao as Medicine, Yoga

Week 10: March 30th – Qigong 2

Week 11: April 6th – Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training

Week 12: April 13th -Qigong 1

One-day concluding session: Saturday, April 18th.


One techné: $6,000 + tax

Two technés: $6,750 + tax

Galaxy: one week, afternoon sessions $500 + tax

A 50% deposit (plus tax) is required to register.

The remainder is due one week prior to the beginning of The GUAN (January 11).

GALAXY Registration

Work Trade Scholarship Information

Descriptions of the Disciplines

MogaDao Qigong

MogaDao Yoga

MogaDao Depth Sexuality and the Erotic Basis of Being Program

MogaDao Triparte Meditation

Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training

Jingshen Gongfu


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