The Ethea

Ethos Program Immersions

The word "Ethea" is simply the plural form of "ethos," which means the overall guiding spirit or zeitgeist of a particular venue of attention or atmosphere. The work of MogaDao spans many such overarching themes of human care, each of which constitutes an "Ethos." Deep studies in all of the Ethea are available to all students through the EXPERIENTIA/DEEP PRACTICE IMMERSIONS of a particular Ethos. These are 5-day online events that cover the entirety of a particular Ethos: all of the forms, practices, and philosophies.  The EXPERIENTIAS/DEEP PRACTICE IMMERSIONS are taught by MogaDao's founder, Zhenevere Sophia Dao, with some additional guest teaching from senior MogaDao teachers.


Information about upcoming EXPERIENTIAS/DEEP PRACTICE INTENSIVES will be posted to all students on the MogaDao mailing list, as well as featured in the banner on the homepage of this site.