The Ethea

Ethos Program Immersions

The word "Ethea" is simply the plural form of "ethos," which means the overall guiding spirit or zeitgeist of a particular venue of attention or atmosphere. The work of MogaDao spans many such overarching themes of human care, each of which constitutes an "Ethos Program." The "Ethos Program Immersions" are the two-week intensive study periods that focus on a particular Ethos Program. There are six or seven Ethos Program Immersions per calendar year, covering the entire Ethea. (The Ethos Programs of the Ethea are described in some detail HERE.) These two-week programs are taught by MogaDao's founder, Zhenevere Sophia Dao, in-person at the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe, NM*. The Ethos Program Immersions are essentially divided into two parts:

  1. The EXPERIENTIA, referred to also as THE DEEP PRACTICE INTENSIVE, described below, which constitutes the first week of the two week session, and is open to everyone.

  2. The PEDAGOGIA, described below, which comprises the second week of the Ethos Program Immersion, and which is reserved only for those individuals that have been admitted into MogaDao's teacher training program.

*If, due to the continuation of the challenges incurred by COVID-19, we are not able to safely assemble physically together at the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe NM, in 2021, WE WILL NEVERTHELESS GO FORWARD WITH THE COMPLETE IMMERSION PROGRAM, THOUGH IN AN ONLINE FORMAT. Should this necessity come to pass, details will be forthcoming in a timely manner.

The EXPERIENTIA: Deep Practice Intensive

The EXPERIENTIA phase of the Ethos Program Immersions constitutes the first 5 days of the Immersion. This phase is the broadest and most comprehensive teaching of both the techne (the artful physical and meditative practices) of the Ethos Program, and the Post-Daoist ideology and philosophy that supports the Ethos and those practices. The EXPERIENTIA is therefore its namesake: the experience of the entire body of soma and heart and mind and spirit that coalesces around a particular theme of existence, or “ethos,” within MogaDao’s Ethea. As such, the EXPERIENTIA can function as both an introduction for students newer to MogaDao’s work, and a profound deepening for advanced students and MogaDao teachers, of this fascinating material.


The EXPERIENTIA is open to everyone and will be conducted online via Zoom.

The PEDAGOGIA: Teacher Training Program

The PEDAGOGIA denotes the 2-year low residency teacher training of the MogaDao tradition. The PEDAGOGIA phase of the Ethos Program Immersions is the training of the art of teaching MogaDao, both techne and ideology, for those students who, through a rigorous application process, have been admitted into MogaDao’s teacher training program. All PEDAGOGIA students are also required to take the EXPERIENTIA Immersion of the Ethos Program.


The PEDAGOGIA is limited to 12 participants, and no exceptions (of non-PEDAGOGIA students) will be accepted. The PEDAGOGIA also is its namesake: students study the techne and the Post-Daoist philosophy of a given Ethos Program in such detail and depth that they become potentially capable of responsibly offering both practice and ideation out into the world, as leaders and teachers of this work. In addition to an increase in precision, background, and association regarding all of the Ethos material, students spend much time delving into the art of teaching material of such existential consequence, and the character and ethic that makes such teaching healthy and possible. After the PEDAGOGIA, teacher training students work with their MogaDao Mentors to prepare for the experience of Village Testing, which is the communal setting of the certification exam for MogaDao teachers, all of which details are explicated below.


If you are a certified MogaDao teacher and wish to attend the PEDAGOGIA for an Ethos in which you are already certified, please email a Letter of Intent by the Ethos Application Deadline to


The EXPERIENTIA: Deep Practice Intensive


  • The EXPERIENTIA is the 5 day immersion of the experience of the techne of MogaDao. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the stage of one’s studentship or teachership. 

  • Registration for the EXPERIENTIA opens on the day of PEDAGOGIA admission decision announcements for each respective Ethos Program Immersion. These dates are specified in the Ethea Immersion Schedule. This is to ensure that all PEDAGOGIA students have a guaranteed place in the EXPERIENTIA of their Ethos Program Immersion.

  • Enrollment is based on a first-come-first serve basis, with a limit of 38 total attendees per EXPERIENTIA.

  • There is no application process for the EXPERIENTIA. 

  • All students are limited to a maximum of 3 EXPERIENTIA (and 3 PEDAGOGIA, if that applies) per calendar year.

  • Cost of the EXPERIENTIA: 5 Days

    • $500 USD + tax (Online Price)



The PEDAGOGIA: Teacher Training Program 


  • The PEDAGOGIA signifies the 2-year low residency teacher training program of the MogaDao tradition. Students are required to attend 2 Ethos Program Immersions of the same Ethos Program (to repeat the Immersion twice, in other words, preferably in consecutive years), as well as to fulfill programmatic study with MogaDao mentors, one-on-one and in small groups, and self-study, over the course of the two year period, in preparation for Village Testing.

  • All PEDAGOGIA students must also take the EXPERIENTIA: DEEP PRACTICE IMMERSION of the Ethos in which they are engaged in teacher training, which is a separate cost.

  • The PEDAGOGIA also refers to the 6 day phase of the Ethos Program Immersion, focusing on the art of teaching the techne and ideation of MogaDao. Only students admitted into MogaDao’s teacher training program are admitted into the 6 day PEDAGOGIA.

  • A student is limited to no more than 3 ETHOS PROGRAM IMMERSIONS per calendar year (whether as an EXPERIENTIA student or a PEDAGOGIA student).

  • A maximum of 12 people total are selected from the pool of applicants to participate in the PEDAGOGIA of an ETHOS PROGRAM IMMERSION. Students accepted into one PEDAGOGIA are still eligible to apply to 2 more PEDAGOGIA (teacher training immersions) per calendar year.

  • If one is accepted into the PEDAGOGIA of the teacher training program, their placement is guaranteed in the corresponding (preceding) EXPERIENTIA phase of the training.  

  • Just as with EXPERIENTIA students, students admitted into the PEDAGOGIA phase of an ETHOS PROGRAM IMMERSION are required to attend the preparatory ONLINE ETHOS FOUNDATION TRAINING which occurs on the weekend, 2 weeks before the start of any given ETHOS PROGRAM IMMERSION. (These FOUNDATION TRAININGS are not included in the price of the ETHOS PROGRAM IMMERSIONS, and these foundational online classes are open to the public as well.)

  • Cost of the PEDAGOGIA Immersion: 6 Days

    • $1000 USD + tax for NM residents (Online Price)