2021 Schedule


Immersion Schedule

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including the Ethos Immersions, click HERE.)

Ethos II*

Human Fragility: Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief

  • PEDAGOGIA Application Due Nov 8, 2020 

  • PEDAGOGIA Admissions Announcements Dec 7, 2020

  • EXPERIENTIA Immersion Jan 18–22, 2021

  • PEDAGOGIA Immersion Jan 25–30, 2021

Ethos I*

Mythopoetics: Emotion, Archetype, and Imagination

  • EXPERIENTIA Immersion March 22–26, and Afterglow workshop April 3, 2021

*In March, 2021, Mythopoetics became Ethos I and Human Fragility became Ethos II, effectively switching the former order.


Ethos III

Essence and Transformation: Post-Daoist Yin, Yang, and Yun

  • EXPERIENTIA Immersion May 10–14, and Afterglow workshop May 22, 2021


Ethos IV

Numina: Ritual and Cosmology

  • EXPERIENTIA Immersion July 12–16, and Afterglow workshop July 24, 2021

Ethos V

Depth Sexuality: The Erotic Basis of Being

*There may be a Teacher Training/PEDAGOGIA for this Ethos in 2021. The dates below reflect that possibility. The decision on this will be announced on a mass email and on this website, as the time draws near. The dates below are accurate, if the PEDAGOGIA is to take place.

  • PEDAGOGIA Application Due June 28, 2021  (Apply)

  • PEDAGOGIA Admissions Announcements August 6, 2021

  • EXPERIENTIA Immersion Sept 6–10

  • PEDAGOGIA Immersion Sept 13–18

Ethos VI

Heartmind Warriorship: The Sociopolitical Dimension

  • EXPERIENTIA Immersion Nov 1–5, and Afterglow workshop Nov 13, 2021