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Jaye Marolla

SueJ Johnson

Carl Baccellieri

Willow Ruth

DeVante Love

In the spirit of the MogaDao tradition, which celebrates the role of authentic and necessary discord in the service of true harmony, this autonomous committee exists to serve as a safe and confidential space for any student of this work to share their confusions or concerns regarding the language or behavior of anyone teaching in this tradition, including the founder, staff, and any certified teachers of MogaDao.  Students may voice their concerns with the assurance that they will be received by open minds and hearts, without judgement or loss of standing within the community. This committee is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who are also members of the MogaDao community, volunteering their time in commitment to the deep health and longevity of this precious practice tradition.

                                                                                                                                                                                  ~The Ethics Collective


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