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Saturdays and Sundays


November 2020

The Heartmind Warrior &

the Sociopolitical Dimension

The timing of this introduction to Ethos VI is rather astonishing; we will be beginning this somatic and academic delving into "eros and civilization" on the eve of one of the most important presidential elections in American history. Zhenevere Sophia Dao will be teaching two MogaDao Qigong forms during this month, the brand new MogaDao Power Series, which seeks to somaticize Post-Daoist notions of true power (addressing self-esteem, boundaries, conviction, anger, sanity (in the face of history), preservation, etc.), and the Communal Trauma version of 3 Pillars Qigong for Trauma. which bears on our joint and unequal experience of historical and present societal trauma. On the Saturdays, in addition to the study of these forms, Zhenevere will speak about Post-Daoist notions of power and the deeply subjective relationship between spiritual practice and social commitment. On the Sundays, the atmosphere will be dialogic, with lots of participation pertaining to the themes broached on the Saturday before, as well as in-depth didactic study on the physical qigong forms.

The Meditation for November will continue as Jing Retrieval, as Jing Retrieval is not only the MogaDao meditation for the Depth Sexuality program, but also for the Eros and Civilization program.

Experientia Qigong

Saturday, November 7th - Saturday, November 28th

Saturday from 9am—10:15am Mountain Time, USA for four consecutive Saturdays.

The Saturday Ethos Program class is an “experientia” class. Within the MogaDao tradition, classes characterized as “experientia” are classes in which the MogaDao teacher essentially carries the students through a psychospiritual somatic experience of the MogaDao practice, such that students can experience the practice in their bodies and spirits, without the distraction of didactic learning.

This registration is for four Saturday classes. Classes are not available separately, and prorating is not available for late attendees. 

November Online SATURDAY Experientia Qigong (Ethos 6) with Zhen Dao

November Online SATURDAY Experientia Qigong (Ethos 6) with Zhen Dao


Weekly Schedule

Saturday, November 7th – 9am - 10:15am MT

Saturday, November 14th – 9am - 10:15am MT

Saturday, November 21st – 9am - 10:15am MT

Saturday, November 28th – 9am - 10:15am MT

Interactive Qigong

Sunday, November 8th - Sunday, November 29th

Sunday from 10am—11:15am Mountain Time, USA for four consecutive Sundays.

The INTERACTIVE ETHEA class on Sundays is designed to be a more didactic experience than the experientia on Saturdays. In the interactive class, students are encouraged to ask questions about the material that was covered in the experientia—psychospiritual, philosophical, medical, or formal—and to go over and refine that material with detailed instruction. There is a wondrous devotion among students studying with Zhen Dao and many other MogaDao teachers at this time, and THE INTERACTIVE ETHEA is designed to carry serious students further in the details of their learning (with Zhen and the other MogaDao teachers currently offering classes). THE INTERACTIVE ETHEA class is utterly connected to the Saturday ETHOS PROGRAM Experientia class.

This registration is for four Sunday classes. Classes are not available separately, and prorating is not available for late attendees. 

November Online SUNDAY Interactive Qigong (Ethos 6) with Zhen Dao

November Online SUNDAY Interactive Qigong (Ethos 6) with Zhen Dao


Weekly Schedule

Sunday, November 8th – 10am - 11:15am MT

Sunday, November 15th – 10am - 11:15am MT

Sunday, November 22nd – 10am - 11:15am MT

Sunday, November 29th – 10am - 11:15am MT


In addition to the Saturday morning Ethea Series of online MogaDao practices, Zhen Dao will be offering a Sunday Meditation for the first 4 Sundays of each month, from 9am—9:40am Mountain Time, USA. This will be an introduction to, and the regular practice of MogaDao's Jing Retrieval meditation. 

As with The Ethea Series of online MogaDao Qigong, students register for the Sunday Meditation series for four Saturdays at a time; classes are not available separately, and no prorating is available for late attendees. (Most months have only 4 Saturdays; on the months that have 5 Saturdays, students will have the weekend off.) 

Jing Retrieval Meditation

Sunday, November 8th - Sunday, November 29th

Sunday from 9am—9:40am Mountain Time, USA for four consecutive Sundays.

November Online SUNDAY Meditation with Zhen Dao

November Online SUNDAY Meditation with Zhen Dao


Weekly Schedule

Sunday, November 8th – 9am - 9:40am MT

Sunday, November 15th – 9am - 9:40am MT

Sunday, November 22nd – 9am - 9:40am MT

Sunday, November 29th – 9am - 9:40am MT

honoring the transmission-based tradition of mogadao

A transmission-based tradition means that teachers—and the bodies of teachers, and the body of knowledge that MogaDao teachers represent—are the only source of the teachings of MogaDao. In other words, there is no "media" available with regard to the practices of MogaDao.—there are only the teachers. MogaDao teachers are not permitted to record their online teachings and offer them to students as study tools outside of the live experience of their online teachings (streaming). This means that students, too, are part of this honor code, which establishes the MogaDao tradition as rather unique in the modern age. In some 30 years of teaching, Zhen Dao herself has never made videos of the vast practices of MogaDao; no material outside of the direct interface of her body has ever been available. Going online at this time, under the current circumstances, is a form of flowing with the Dao, of following necessity. However, this means that students taking her online classes—and the online classes of other MogaDao teachers—must participate in that timeworn honor code of non-recording. Zhen Dao, the MogaDao teachers,  and the tradition of MogaDao are deeply grateful for your understanding and compliance in this regard.



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