Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training

The Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training Program encompasses discursive scholarship on spiritual, philosophical, and social matters, and “Neurogenic Exercises” derived from soft Jingshen Gongfu, for the repatterning of somatic and spiritual pathways from fight or flight responses to harmonic and empowered responses to all manner of existential stresses. This is essentially an embodied leadership and human awareness program. Students in this track of pedagogical study are expected to develop independent academic study programs (reading and writing and discussion) on topics of a philosophical nature relating to Post-Daoism and the fields of likeness to Post-Daoism such as: sinology, depth psychology, transcendentalism, queer studies and gender studies, interpersonal and societal conflict, non-violence and action, trauma, racism, ableism, sexism, etc. Students develop a reading list with Zhen Dao in addition to careful study of the Neurogenic Exercises which are a combination of SACRA-influenced embodiment work and specific partnering in soft Jingshen Gongfu for sensitization and harmonic empowerment. Though this track involves soft martial arts (soft Jingshen Gongfu), all bodies are capable of this track of study and eventual teaching.

For students interested in certifying as a Sifu (teacher) of Jingshen Gongfu, it a required prerequisite to certify in Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training.


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