How to do Online Classes

at MogaDao

1) Register for a Class. This puts the class in your shopping cart.

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2) When your cart is full of classes, proceed to checkout.

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Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 12.07.35 PM 2.

5) Also, an email from MogaDao, titled "Thanks for shopping with us", will appear in your inbox. This email contains a download button that you can use (for 30 days) to retrieve your PDF file with online Zoom link information.

Note: Check your spam folder, if this email isn't in your inbox.

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5) Clicking the download button places a PDF file in your Downloads folder on your computer. The PDF file looks similar to this:

Note: Keep this PDF file in a convenient place for the duration of the class. The download button to retrieve this PDF expires in 30 days, but the Zoom link is valid for the entire class or series.

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6) You must have the Zoom application installed on your phone or computer. Then you can click on the "Join Zoom Online Class" link, or type the Meeting ID directly into the Zoom app. This will connect you to Zhen's online class.

See you in class!

3) Fill out the customer details and payment. Then review and place your order...

4) A "Thank You" webpage appears with a download button. Click the download button to receive a PDF file containing online link information for the Zoom application.

honoring the transmission-based tradition of mogadao

A transmission-based tradition means that teachers—and the bodies of teachers, and the body of knowledge that MogaDao teachers represent—are the only source of the teachings of MogaDao. In other words, there is no "media" available with regard to the practices of MogaDao.—there are only the teachers. MogaDao teachers are not permitted to record their online teachings and offer them to students as study tools outside of the live experience of their online teachings (streaming). This means that students, too, are part of this honor code, which establishes the MogaDao tradition as rather unique in the modern age. In some 30 years of teaching, Zhen Dao herself has never made videos of the vast practices of MogaDao; no material outside of the direct interface of her body has ever been available. Going online at this time, under the current circumstances, is a form of flowing with the Dao, of following necessity. However, this means that students taking her online classes—and the online classes of other MogaDao teachers—must needs participate in that timeworn honor code of non-recording. Zhen Dao, the MogaDao teachers,  and the tradition of MogaDao are deeply grateful for your understanding and compliance in this regard.