In-Person Classes
with Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Mogadao Qigong
Numina & Soma: The Sacrament of Sensitivity

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Starting July 21, 2021


pay in person, cash or credit
opening class is free for all on July 21st

MOVE Studio
901 W San Mateo Rd
Suite x-2 
Santa Fe, NM 87501



“Numina” means the spirit or spirits animating a thing; “Soma” means, on the deepest level, the sensations. I wish to create a space where the cultivation of sensitivity—sensitivity both physically and psychospiritually—has an inviolable, designated place of practice.

If there is to be a practice that can bridge us from the introspection that COVID’s lockdown has engendered to the pleasure of human community, it is along the fulcrum of sensitivity that something new might emerge. 


We will move tenderly into communal practice. For as much as we all are fairly starved for communal contact, we are also raw from the relative isolation. We’ll navigate this intersection with great care.

We adhere to the latest NM pandemic restrictions: Masks will remain required for unvaccinated individuals.

Directions to MOVE Studio, Dance Conditioning Plus! (DCP!)

Located in the beautiful Ironstone Gardens directly across from the Midtown Bistro patio.

Look for the glass door to the right of Clusiau Designs, upstairs.

Park in any grey area, identified in the map.