Jingshen Gongfu

Although there will be no Sifu certification possibility at the 2020 GUAN, Jingshen Gongfu, or MogaDao’s highly spiritualized martial arts program, will be featured strongly, occurring on 3 mornings a week throughout the entire 3 months of the GUAN. This is actually more technical training per week than is offered at the MogaDao Institute, making the GUAN a major field of potential growth for Jingshen Gongfu artists. With the exception of Primordial Yoga, Jingshen Gongfu is the only discipline or practice within MogaDao for which there is a precedent of tremendous physical fitness; all other offerings are more than suitable for all bodies. Students wishing to work up to the extreme physical demands of Jingshen Gongfu will study all of the standard MogaDao Yoga offerings at the GUAN, eventually including Primordial Yoga gradually, as well as Heartmind Warrior Training, after which they can begin to integrate Jingshen Gongfu into their GUAN experience. Students interested in Jingshen Gongfu can prepare for the GUAN by intense training in all realms of fitness, such as endurance and speed, leg and arm strength, and most especially core work.

For students interested in certifying as a Sifu (teacher) of Jingshen Gongfu, it a required prerequisite to certify in Heartmind Warrior Sensitivity Training.


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