MogaDao Depth Sexuality and the

Erotic Basis of Being

Students majoring in Depth Sexuality learn all of the practices and theories of MogaDao Depth Sexuality, as well as the philosophies of the Erotic Basis of Being Program. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the primary MogaDao Depth Sexuality qigong form, called The Epicene Form, which is comprised of 7 original qigong forms which represent energetically the width of human sexuality. Students also study the Sexual Shatterment and Recovery Qigong Series, and The Bridge Form, the Depth Sexuality qigong form which reinforces a student’s organs and psyche for the profound and intimate work of MogaDao Depth Sexuality. There are also self-cultivation practices; erotogenic breathing techniques; sexuality and relationship studies, and the philosophy of the Erotic Basis of Being. Teachers-to-be are expected to choose zones of concentration within the vast field of MogaDao Depth Sexuality. These concentrations are: sexual ecstasy, sexual healing, and gender and genderqueer studies.


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