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With regard to MogaDao Qigong, there are 3 levels, each of them constituting a “discipline” in and of themselves. (In other words, a student interested in studying at the GUAN with the intention of majoring in MogaDao Qigong would choose MogaDao Qigong I and MogaDao Qigong II as their disciplines for a single GUAN. Then, in the future, they could major in MogaDao Qigong III, and of course, another MogaDao discipline if they so choose. Please note that the MogaDao Qigong certifications are sequential: one must have Qigong I to certify in Qigong II, and Qigong II in order to certify in Qigong III. One can, however, major in both Qigong I and Qigong II at the same GUAN.

Qigong I

Hieratic Stance Series; 3 Pillars Qigong for Anxiety and Trauma; Morning Medical Qigong

Students learn the precise movements, sequence, and archetypal qigong resonances of the comprehensive MogaDao Hieratic Qigong Stance Series. Students learn the 15 qigong forms that comprise the “3 Pillars” of qigong specifically for the experience of anxiety and trauma. The subject of trauma is studied from the point of view of Post-Daoism, 5 Realms Theory, and Depth Psychology. Students become proficient in the foundational qigong form of the MogaDao Qigong tradition, Morning Medical Qigong, in terms of the precise movements, the Traditional Chinese Medicine of the form(s), and the archetypal and mythopoetic aspects of this form. Each of the MogaDao Qigong disciplines represents a prerequisite of learning required for the next step. Students may certify in Qigong I and Qigong II simultaneously, but Qigong III is dependent upon certification in both Qigong I and Qigong II.

Qigong II

Yin and Yang Tonifying Forms

Students learn and become proficient in MogaDao’s Yin and Yang Tonifying Forms, which are two 5-form series that focus on the Yin and Yang aspects of each major organ in TCM, respectively. Post-Daoist studies of the MogaDao 5 Realms Theory and Post-Daoist Yin and Yang Theory are an integral part of this discipline.

Qigong III

MogaDao Yijing Cosmological Forms

This discipline represents study of the four MogaDao Yijing or Cosmological Forms, the seasonal transition forms: Yijing I, or Spring to Summer; Yijing II, or Summer to Fall; Yijing III, or Fall to Winter; Yijing IV, or Winter to Spring. Taken together, these forms are called The Cosmic Soma. These 24 original qigong forms represent deep penetrations into the harmony of cosmic change and the Zodiac of the 5 Realms. Students accomplishing this certification are prepared to lead hieratic rituals or Hieraticum, which are ritually practiced twice a year on the Equinoxes, in which The Cosmic Soma is practiced in community as a sacred rite of the worship of the sacrament of change. Naturally, certified teachers of MogaDao Cosmological Qigong can teach these forms in whatever context they so choose.


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