MogaDao Tripartite Meditation

MogaDao Tripartite Meditation is a practice and certification track that is required of all MogaDao Teachers. As such, this discipline and track is included as part of any of the other tracks of study. Students do not need to consider the MogaDao Tripartite Meditation studies as one of their chosen disciplines, in other words; that training is concomitant with any of their other chosen disciplines. In effect, therefore, there is the possibility of three majors at any given GUAN, as Tripartite Meditation is “included” in the GUAN’S program. For example, a student majoring in MogaDao Yoga and MogaDao Qigong I, at any given GUAN, would automatically also have the chance to test to certify as a teacher of MogaDao Tripartite Meditation. Importantly, there is a test for MogaDao Tripartite Meditation, even as the training is concomitant with a student’s other major or majors.

There are three distinct meditations within the tradition of MogaDao, each of them having unique characteristics that relate to the overall framework of MogaDao. The three meditations are: Empty Sky Meditation, Floating Heart Meditation, and Jing Retrieval.

Empty Sky Meditation

This meditation is a comprehensive, embodied meditation with a clear and simple somatic structure. Students build a strong foundation, awaken certain energetic gates that serve to clear psychic and somatic pathways of energy, and eventually become their breath, blurring the lines between being and non-being, absence and presence.

Floating Heart Meditation for Anxiety

Floating Heart Meditation is designed specifically for calming overwhelming anxiety. Students build the meditation “architecture” very carefully, point by point, so as to create a physical sense of endless stability. Then the breath and the heart qi are systematically brought together, in a calm and gentle somatic awareness that is tranquilizing to the sympathetic nervous system. Floating Heart Meditation is strongly related to, and usually to be practiced alongside MogaDao 3 Pillars Qigong for Trauma and Anxiety.

Jing Retrieval

Jing Retrieval is the mediation of sexual vitality. For those new to MogaDao, it may seem strange that there would be a meditation for sexual vitality, but the “retrieval” of the foundational sexual energy, or the Jing, is, in the philosophy of Depth Sexuality and the Erotic Basis of Being Program, fundamental both to human vitality and spiritual calm.


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