MogaDao Yoga

Students studying in the MogaDao Yoga receive an in-depth education in MogaDao 5-Realms Theory as it applies to the anatomy and experience of MogaDao 5-Realms Yoga. Students learn the standardized warm-ups and salutations and sequences for all of the MogaDao Yoga practices, including Sanctum Yoga (restorative healing MogaDao Yoga): the MogaDao Sunrise and Sunset Yoga Series; Primordial Yoga and MogaDao 5-Realms Vinyasa (advanced practices); MogaDao Classic 5-Realms Yoga; and Erotogenic Yoga: Yoga for Sexual Health and Vitality. Students keenly interested in MogaDao 5-Realms Yoga but not interested in the intense physical practices of Primordial Yoga and 5-Realms Vinyasa are welcome to concentrate in the less physically intense modalities of MogaDao Yoga and to prepare to test to certify in only these modalities.


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