MogaDao Yoga & 5-Realms Theory GALAXY

With Zhen Dao

GALAXY: Monday, November 4th - Thursday, November 7th

Yoga Village Testing: Friday, November 8th

MogaDao Yoga

MogaDao Yoga combines traditional asana derived from the Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga traditions with Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Additionally, on a kinesthetic level, MogaDao Yoga represents new systems of non-linear movement designed to enhance the cultivation of qi or life force and to connect the practitioner to their Jing, or pre-natal or procreative energy. MogaDao Qigong is the basis for all yogic movement in MogaDao Yoga, effectively placing MogaDao Yoga in the realm of qigong practice. And MogaDao Yoga embodies its own unique cosmogony in which all “classical” yoga asanas corresponds to specific anatomical and psychospiritual patterns that are unique and standard within the MogaDao Yoga tradition.


The 2019 MogaDao Yoga GALAXY will cover all of the forms, systems, and practices of MogaDao Yoga including:

Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory and Anatomical and Psychospiritual Correspondences

MogaDao Yoga Class Diagnosis: Yin, Yang, and Yun (a Post-Daoist essence)

Classical MogaDao 5-Realms Yoga (Hatha)

MogaDao 5-Realms Vinyasa, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

MogaDao Sunrise Yoga Standard Series

MogaDao Sunset Yoga Standard Series

Primordial Yoga (Advanced class specifically designed for dancers, SACRA players, and Jingshen martial artists).

MogaDao Yoga and “Somatic Spirituality”


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All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome, however not all sessions will be suitable for all individuals. There is such a rich mixture of medical, spiritual, psychological, and physical experience in this GALAXY that there is much for anyone to absorb and benefit from. Students who are less athletic should be comfortable, however, with sitting out some of the more physically rigorous sessions. Also, the great majority of the students assembling for this GALAXY have already studied MogaDao Yoga to a fair or deep level, and therefore this particular GALAXY will be geared to their needs. Again, beginners are welcome, but all should be prepared for a very deep experience and a high level of instruction.


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