Online MogaDao Meditation

with Zhen Dao

4-Sunday Series from 9am - 9:40am MDT

Sunday, June 7th - Sunday, June 28th

Sunday Meditation

Online MogaDao with Zhen Dao

Floating Heart Meditation and Empty Sky Meditation

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In addition to the Saturday morning Ethea Series of online MogaDao practices, beginning on Sunday, May 3rd, Zhen Dao will be offering a Sunday Meditation for the first 4 Sundays of each month, from 9am—9:40am Mountain Time, USA. This will be an introduction to, and the regular practice of, two of the three Post-Daoist somatic MogaDao meditations. Floating Heart Meditation is a meditation specifically created to address anxiety and overwhelm, and Empty Sky Meditation, MogaDao’s foundational meditation, somatically unites the body's ontology with transcendent awareness.

As with The Ethea Series of online MogaDao Qigong, students register for the Sunday Meditation series for four Saturdays at a time; classes are not available separately, and no prorating is available for late attendees. (Most months have only 4 Saturdays; on the months that have 5 Saturdays, students will have the weekend off.) 

Sunday, June 7th - Sunday, June 28th

Sunday from 9am—9:40am Mountain Time, USA for four consecutive Sundays.



Honoring the transmission-based tradition of mogadao


A transition-based tradition means that teachers—and the bodies of teachers, and the body of knowledge that MogaDao teachers represent—are the only source of the teachings of MogaDao. In other words, there is no "media" available with regard to the practices of MogaDao.—there are only the teachers. MogaDao teachers are not permitted to record their online teachings and offer them to students as study tools outside of the live experience of their online teachings (streaming). This means that students, too, are part of this honor code, which establishes the MogaDao tradition as rather unique in the modern age. In some 30 years of teaching, Zhen Dao herself has never made videos of the vast practices of MogaDao; no material outside of the direct interface of her body has ever been available. Going online at this time, under the current circumstances, is a form of flowing with the Dao, of following necessity. However, this means that students taking her online classes—and the online classes of other MogaDao teachers—must needs participate in that timeworn honor code of non-recording. Zhen Dao, the MogaDao teachers,  and the tradition of MogaDao are deeply grateful for your understanding and compliance in this regard.

Weekly Schedule

Sunday, June 7th – 9am - 9:40am MDT

Sunday, June 14th – 9am - 9:40am MDT

Sunday, June 21st – 9am - 9:40am MDT

Sunday, June 28th – 9am - 9:40am MDT


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