4-Week Online MogaDao Qigong

with Zhen Dao

Tuesday & Saturday Mornings

Tuesday, March 24th - Saturday, April 18th

The Success of the online guan

& The Decision to offer classes to the public online


Over the course of the next month, because of the current circumstances regarding the Corona Virus, Zhen Dao will break her personal protocol of not teaching online. The necessity to move the GUAN (the 2020 three-month practice and teacher training intensive) online has proved to be exceedingly educational. The instruction of the GUAN online has almost instantly emerged as highly beneficial, even, strange as it may seem, advantageous, in terms of the detail and precision of teaching, and the way the content flows directly out of Zhen without mediation. This success of the online GUAN in terms of transmission is unexpected, and tutelary. 


The necessary cancellation of the spring and summer MogaDao GALAXIES (intensives of the MogaDao technes) has naturally incurred much disappointment. Partly to offer classes to those students who had been looking forward to the GALAXIES, and partly to provide a container of sacred practice for the entire MogaDao practice community, domestic as well as abroad, Zhen Dao has decided to teach online for the first time ever (apart from the online GUAN which has just begun). Twice a week she will offer an hour-long class in what for decades she has called her "Free-form Qigong" classes which consist of the entire oeuvre of Mogadao Qigong but tailored to the specific psychospiritual moment. The classes, therefore, will be a mixture of many of the standard forms of MogaDao Qigong, as well as impromptu series of MogaDao Qigong forms constellated for the necessity of the moment.



Honoring the transmission-based tradition of mogadao


A transition-based tradition means that teachers—and the bodies of teachers, and the body of knowledge that MogaDao teachers represent—are the only source of the teachings of MogaDao. In other words, there is no "media" available with regard to the practices of MogaDao.—there are only the teachers. MogaDao teachers are not permitted to record their online teachings and offer them to students as study tools outside of the live experience of their online teachings (streaming). This means that students, too, are part of this honor code, which establishes the MogaDao tradition as rather unique in the modern age. In some 30 years of teaching, Zhen Dao herself has never made videos of the vast practices of MogaDao; no material outside of the direct interface of her body has ever been available. Going online at this time, under the current circumstances, is a form of flowing with the Dao, of following necessity. However, this means that students taking her online classes—and the online classes of other MogaDao teachers—must needs participate in that timeworn honor code of non-recording. Zhen Dao, the MogaDao teachers,  and the tradition of MogaDao are deeply grateful for your understanding and compliance in this regard.

Payment procedures for international (non-American) students


International Students interested in taking Zhen Dao's month-long online MogaDao Qigong series classes should be able to use the payment method provided on the registration form below. However, if there is a problem due to foreign currency, please contact Thomas Jaggers at community@mogadao.com to arrange payment methods.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesdays: March 24th - April 14th – 8:30am - 9:30am MST

Saturdays: March 28th - April 18th – 10:00am - 11:00am MST



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