Online MogaDao Qigong

with Zhen Dao

4-Saturday Series from 9am - 10am MDT

Saturday, June 6th - Saturday, June 27th

The Ethea Series

Online MogaDao with Zhen Dao

Saturday, June 6th - Saturday, June 27th

Saturday from 9am—10:10am Mountain Time, USA for four consecutive Saturdays.



Emotion, Archetype, and Imagination

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We want a soulful life, but we have been carefully steered away from the ensouled engagement with the world. Emotion, especially deep states of emotion, are to be kept at arm's length, as they are "disturbing" to equanimity and productivity, and—so we have been instructed by much of contemporary spirituality—ultimately un-spiritual. The imagination has been severely challenged by info-colonization syndrome, the overload of media stimulation and techno-image saturation that overtakes the central nervous system before the psyche can begin to organically process its native images, which are the signs of its needs. And yet with all of these reductions in the being of the human, we still want to participate in archetype, as if powers would actually draw near to us when we have spurned the language of power itself, which comes to us through the imagination and through emotion.

Perhaps the greatest contribution of MogaDao Qigong to the history of qigong is the consummate mythopoetic basis of each and every MogaDao Qigong form that Zhen Dao has created. The forms are the kinetic art forms of archetypes sculpting their qualities in air. This is the way the forms began: as innovations of soul-making through consecrated movement. This mythopoetic quality has only increased over the decades of Zhen's innovations, to the point that the 140+ original MogaDao forms represent a most astonishing vocabulary of the soul in archetypal patterns, a veritable cosmogony birthed from the imagination that is collective to us all.

As such, MogaDao Qigong represents an invitation to archetype itself, through the body and through the sacred movement of MogaDao Qigong forms, and a return to the natural powers of being human, for only such natural powers can compete with the demand on our nervous systems to be less than what we are. Our task, then, is sensitive vitality, and it is a salvational task.

In this introduction to the mythpoetics of MogaDao, Zhen will choose particularly resonant MogaDao Qigong forms—many of which have been created in the last year or two—and carry the class through the archetypal experience collective to us all, inside these sacrasanct forms.



THe ethea series moving forward


With the exception of the final Ethos Program, EROS AND CIVILIZATION, Zhen will be teaching an introductory class online (4 Saturday installments per Ethos Program each month) beginning Saturday, May 2nd and continuing uninterrupted for 5 months. Each month, a few weeks before the next Ethos Program is to begin, Zhen will put out an announcement about the program, including a brief summary of course content and registration details.

The Ethos Programs and the corresponding dates of The Ethea Series are as follows:


  1. Human Fragility: Grief, Anxiety, and Trauma (Saturdays, May 2—May 23)

  2. Mythopoetics: Imagination and Vitality (Saturdays, June 6—June 27)

  3. Post-Daoism: Essence and Transformation (Saturdays, July 4—July 25)

  4. Numena: Ritual and Cosmology (Saturdays, August 1—August 22)

  5. Depth Sexuality: The Erotic Basis of Being (Saturdays, September 5—September 26)

  6. Eros and Civilization: Energy in Relation

Originally, the summer of 2020 was to mark the introduction of the Ethos Program Immersions, 1-2 week thematic study concentrations held at the MogaDao Institute, in Santa Fe, NM, and taught by Zhen Dao. However, because of the necessary restrictions imposed by COVID-19, beginning in May, 2020, Zhen will instead offer an introduction to the study paradigm of the Ethea, in a weekly online course. In this ongoing series, each Ethos Program will have four consecutive Saturdays of itroductory instruction; then the focus will switch to the next Ethos Program. Because these 4-Saturday courses will build one upon the other, there will be no prorating available for students entering a 4-week series tardily. In the case of belated entrance, students can choose to register for the whole series, regardless of their late entry, or they may wish to wait for the next month's Ethos Program and register at the beginning in order to embrace the entirety of a given series. Each 1-hour class will be divided into practice and a lecture, with the lecture portion taking up perhaps 20% of the practice class. The primary MogaDao techne will be MogaDao Qigong, but other MogaDao techne may be utilized according to the theme of the Ethos Program.


Honoring the transmission-based tradition of mogadao


A transition-based tradition means that teachers—and the bodies of teachers, and the body of knowledge that MogaDao teachers represent—are the only source of the teachings of MogaDao. In other words, there is no "media" available with regard to the practices of MogaDao.—there are only the teachers. MogaDao teachers are not permitted to record their online teachings and offer them to students as study tools outside of the live experience of their online teachings (streaming). This means that students, too, are part of this honor code, which establishes the MogaDao tradition as rather unique in the modern age. In some 30 years of teaching, Zhen Dao herself has never made videos of the vast practices of MogaDao; no material outside of the direct interface of her body has ever been available. Going online at this time, under the current circumstances, is a form of flowing with the Dao, of following necessity. However, this means that students taking her online classes—and the online classes of other MogaDao teachers—must needs participate in that timeworn honor code of non-recording. Zhen Dao, the MogaDao teachers,  and the tradition of MogaDao are deeply grateful for your understanding and compliance in this regard.

Weekly Schedule

Saturday, June 6th – 9am - 10:10am MDT

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Saturday, June 20th – 9am - 10:10am MDT

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