Immanence Theater

The SACRA Theater Troupe is the embodiment of what Zhen Dao (SACRA’s founder and director and the creator of the MogaDao practice tradition) calls “Immanence Theater,” by which is meant theater as a landscape of abject vulnerability and tenderness enacted by players committed to their own indeterminacy. The enactments of SACRA are not “performances” but experiences carried forth toward the sacrament of the audience. In SACRA there are minimal costumes, props, sets, or furnishing. There are only the players’ bodies and the “Threshing Floor” or playing space, which is a naked rectangle measuring 20ft X 24ft. SACRA players forego “roles” for the experience of playing itself, effectively revaluing performance as life force rather than entertainment. Informed by rigorous training in all of the disciplines of the MogaDao tradition, including qigong, yoga, meditation, Jingshen Gongfu, Depth Sexuality, HeartMind Warrior Training, and philosophical and spiritual studies in Post-Daoism, SACRA combines elements of classical theater, ritual theater, qigong, martial arts, modern dance, and choral and sound emanations.

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