The MogaDao Teachers

currently certified (2021)

(In order of MogaDao certification seniority)

MogaDao is a transmissional practice tradition, meaning that the vast arc and intersection of knowledge, spirit, and embodiment that is MogaDao is represented not in forms of information alone but in the MogaDao teachers themselves. Therefore, teacher certification in the current tradition of MogaDao is an extraordinarily rigorous process.


Individuals who are MogaDao teachers bear naturally various aspects of the ETHEA of the tradition through the devotion of their study and continued personal practice. For a MogaDao teacher is a cross-section of many different archetypes, and to offer this work to the world is to exist as a unique example of existential intersectionality, weaving the worlds of spirit, health, movement, art, intellection, emotion, and wisdom into a recognizable transmission.

MogaDao's Daoshen are the leaders of the tradition, the lineage bearers who embrace, nourish, protect, abet, and carry the spirit or zeitgeist of the entire tradition as a sacred vocation. As such they are the most comprehensively certified MogaDao teachers. All MogaDao teachers are teachers of the ETHEA, one or more of the Ethos Programs of MogaDao, which programs are thematic concentrations of human care that these teachers have decided to focus upon as their vocation.

The MogaDao teacher training program is a rigorous, 2-year low residency program. (2021 teacher training details will be arriving soon on this website). Because MogaDao is an international practice community, with a living founder and a living tradition, MogaDao teachers are required to re-certify and/or to attend a programmatic study of continued education every two or three years, depending on one's certifications. In this way, anyone seeking the work of MogaDao can rest assured that the teachers listed below are up-to-date with Zhenevere Sophia Dao's latest teachings in Post-Daoism and in step with the highest refinements of the vast vocabulary of MogaDao forms and practices.