MogaDao Teachers

Certification and Maintenance




MOGADAO Teacher training

Teacher training in the following disciplines will be available beginning in 2022.

Ethos I

Mythopoetics: Emotion, Archetype, and Imagination

Ethos II

Human Fragility: Approaches to Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief, Immunity, and Ageing

Ethos III

Essence and Transformation: Post-Daoist Gender Theory: Yin, Yang, and Yun

Ethos IV

Numina: The Body Spiritual
Ritual and Practice

Ethos V

Depth Sexuality: The Erotic Basis of Being

Ethos VI

Eros and Civilization: The Heartmind Warrior & the Sociopolitical Dimension

Teacher Certification Requirements

In addition to the trainings below (with Zhenevere Sophia Dao), there will be a Preceptor Program taught by a senior teacher, in the form of a 3-hour workshop, once a month.

1st Year of Training​

  • For the first year, students attend the EXPERIENTIA and PEDAGOGIA of the Ethea for which they are accepted. 

  • Students have 11 3-hour workshops—once per month for eleven months—with their Preceptor, at the cost of $40/workshop.

2nd Year of Training

  • For the second year, students attend the EXPERIENTIA and PEDAGOGIA of the Ethea for which they are accepted.

  • A new/second Preceptor will be assigned for the second year (the 11 3-hour workshops).

  • Additionally, students may pay for one-on-one instruction with any MogaDao teacher at a standardized fee of $75/hr. That standardized fee does not apply to MogaDao "at large," but only to to those who are actively engaged in the MogaDao teacher training program.


Additional Requirements in Preparation for Village Testing:


1) At Least 1 Private Session with One's Preceptor to Establish Readiness for Testing.

2) Month-long Concentrated Qigong Practice of Forms

All students are required to practice, in their entirety, the MogaDao Qigong form(s) that are required for the Ethos Program for which they are testing, for a full month, daily, leading up to their Village Test.

3) Practice Teaching Among Peers, Colleagues, Volunteers

All students planning to test are required to teach 5 class sessions, of an hour or more, to peers, colleagues, or volunteers in the community at large, in order to hear their “voice” in the context of a formal (non-remunerated) teaching.

Cost of Testing

  • ETHOS PROGRAM I, II, III (2 hours); $250 USD

  • ETHOS PROGRAM IV, V (3 hours); $350 USD


Maintaining Certification  

In order to maintain active certification, MogaDao teachers are required to attend the EXPERIENTIA Immersion of their certification, once every 3 years (the PEDAGOGIA is not required). In honor of the tremendous commitment required to teach in multiple MogaDao ETHEA, students with multiple continued education requirements will receive substantial discounts, as outlined below:

  • First EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:        25% off standard price.

  • Second EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:   50% off standard price.

  • Third EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:      75% off standard price.

  • Fourth EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:     No charge.

  • Fifth EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:        No charge.

  • Sixth EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:       No charge.