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Teacher Certification Requirements

Once a student has been accepted into MogaDao’s teacher training program, each teacher trainee will be assigned a MogaDao Mentor. Mentors are assigned to teacher trainees by Zhenevere Sophia Dao.

1st Year of Training​

  • For the first year, students meet with their Cohort Class once per month. The Cohort Class is comprised of the participants in a specific ETHOS PROGRAM’s PEDAGOGIA class. These classes are a standardized fee of $20/hr., to be paid upon arrangement to the Mentor.

2nd Year of Training

  • For the second year, students are assigned a different MogaDao Mentor to guide their studies in the Cohort Class.

  • During the second year, students meet once a month with their Cohort Class, just as in the first year. These classes are a standardized fee of $20/hr., to be paid upon arrangement to the Mentor.

  • Additionally, students are required to have 5 hours of paid, one-on-one instruction with 5 different MogaDao Mentors over the course of the second calendar year. These sessions are a standardized fee of $75/hr.


Additional Requirements in Preparation for Village Testing:


1) General MogaDao Class Instruction Time

To further help students prepare for the Village Testing—the communal setting of the certification exam for MogaDao teachers—and for teaching in the field, students are required, over the 2 years of teacher training, to take 50 hours of general or specific MogaDao instruction from certified MogaDao teachers, teaching online or in person, or from Zhenevere Sophia Dao, teaching online or in person. These studies should be documented and carefully logged, and MogaDao teachers should be informed by teacher trainees that they are logging practice hours under their auspice.

2) Month-long Concentrated Qigong Practice of Forms

All students are required to practice, in their entirety, the MogaDao Qigong form(s) that are required for the Ethos Program for which they are testing, for a full month, daily, leading up to their Village Test.

3) Practice Teaching Among Peers, Colleagues, Volunteers

All students planning to test are required to teach 5 class sessions, of an hour or more, to peers, colleagues, or volunteers in the community at large, in order to hear their “voice” in the context of a formal (non-remunerated) teaching.

Cost of Testing

  • ETHOS PROGRAM I, II, III (2 hours); $250 USD

  • ETHOS PROGRAM IV, V (3 hours); $350 USD


Maintaining Certification  

In order to maintain active certification, MogaDao teachers are required to attend the EXPERIENTIA Immersion of their certification, once every 2 years (the PEDAGOGIA is not required). In honor of the tremendous commitment required to teach in multiple MogaDao ETHEA, students with multiple continued education requirements will receive substantial discounts, as outlined below:

  • First EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:        25% off standard price.

  • Second EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:   50% off standard price.

  • Third EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:      75% off standard price.

  • Fourth EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:     No charge.

  • Fifth EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:        No charge.

  • Sixth EXPERIENTIA IMMERSION:       No charge.

Collateral Certifications and



MogaDao’s Ethea comprise themes of human care that cover a range of human existence. As such, one Ethos Program often bears significantly, thematically, upon another. In some cases, this resonance between Ethea is so profound that to be certified in one Ethos it is necessary also to be certified in another. This correspondence is called "Collateral Certification." For instance, Ethos 1 focuses on trauma and grief. Ethos V focuses on Depth Sexuality. In order to teach Depth Sexuality responsibly, MogaDao teachers must have a full certification in Ethos I, the trauma work of MogaDao, because trauma is so often a factor in human sexuality.


In other cases, the resonance between Ethea is important, but not to the degree that an entire full certification would be necessary in order to teach responsibly in one’s primary Ethos Program. In these cases, a "Collateral Experientia" is necessary, but not a full collateral certification. This means that students certifying in some Ethea must take the EXPERIENTIA phase of an immersion in another in order to be certified in their primary Ethos. For example, Ethos Program VI is Eros and Civilization: The Heartmind Warrior and the Sociopolitical Dimension. This Ethos has a resonance with the material of Ethos Program II, Mythopoetics: Emotion, Archetype, and Imagination, but this resonance is not strong enough to require full certification in Mythopoetics. However, certification in Eros and Civilization does require a collateral EXPERIENTIA in Ethos II, Mythopoetics.

Below please see the list of Collateral Certifications and Collateral EXPERIENTIA:


  • Ethos Program I
    Human Fragility: Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief

    • Collateral Certification Requirements: None

    • Collateral Experientia Requirements: None

  • Ethos Program II
    Mythopoetics: Emotion, Archetype, and Imagination

    • Collateral Certification Requirements: None

    • Collateral Experientia Requirements: Ethos Program I & Ethos Program III

  • Ethos Program III
    Essence and Transformation: Post-Daoist Yin, Yang, and Yun

    • Collateral Certification Requirements: Ethos Program II

    • Collateral Experientia Requirements: None

  • Ethos Program IV
    Numina: Ritual and Cosmology

    • Collateral Certification Requirements: Ethos Program II & Ethos Program III

    • Collateral Experientia Requirements: None

  • Ethos Program V
    Depth Sexuality: the Erotic Basis of Being

    • Collateral Certification Requirements: Ethos Program I

    • Collateral Experientia Requirements: Ethos Program III

  • Ethos Program VI
    Heartmind Warriorship: the Sociopolitical Dimension

    • Collateral Certification Requirements: Ethos Program I

    • Collateral Experientia Requirements: Ethos Program II


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