MogaDao Teachers

Certification and Maintenance




MOGADAO Teacher training


Teacher training in the following disciplines will be available in 2022:

Ethos III [Post-Daoist Essence and Gender Theory]

EXPERIENTIA: January 17th—21st

PEDAGOGIA: January 24th—29th

Ethos V [Depth Sexuality & the erotic basis of being]

EXPERIENTIA: February 28th—March 4th

PEDAGOGIA: March 7th—12th

Ethos I [Mythopoetics and soma]

EXPERIENTIA: October 31st—November 4th

PEDAGOGIA: November 7th—12th


In 2023 we will be offering teacher training in:

Ethos II [Human Fragility]

Ethos IV [Numina: ritual and the body spiritual]

Ethos VI [The Heartmind Warrior: The Sociopolitical Dimension of Spiritual Practice]


Teacher Certification Requirements

  1. The MogaDao Teacher Training Program is now 1 year, and entirely online, with the exception of the Depth Sexuality program the PEDAGOGIA (5-day Teacher Training intensive) which will be held in person in Santa Fe, NM.

  2. Participation in one EXPERIENTIA training, 5-days (online) with Zhenevere Sophia Dao.

  3. Participation in one PEDAGOGIA (5-day training specifically for students in the teacher training program), online, with Zhenevere Sophia Dao.

  4. Participation in two 3-hour workshops per month for 12 months, with two or more senior teachers (Preceptors).

Maintaining Certification  

In order to maintain active certification, MogaDao teachers are required to attend the EXPERIENTIA Immersion of their certification once every 2 years (the PEDAGOGIA is not required). EXPERIENTIA trainings for continuing education (already certified MogaDao teachers) will be discounted 50% in the Ethos of their certification.