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Google Calendars

MogaDao uses Google calendars to publicize classes. If you'd like to have your classes appear in these calendars, on the MogaDao website, you need to have a Google account. The email address of this account is used to grant editing permissions to the calendars. Please submit your email address to Eve Bradford (her email address is listed in the Contact Us webpage), and she will administer you to the calendars.

Login to your Google account, then click on these links to add the MogaDao calendars to your personal Google account calendars:​

  • In-Person Calendar, link

    • This calendar is for classes you will teach In-Person, in a physical location.

  • Online Calendar, link

    • This calendar is for classes you will teach remotely, using a video sharing app, like Zoom.

Once the calendars are displayed in your list of calendars, and you have editing permission, you can add events to the calendars. Your events will automatically show up in the MogaDao website, here (In-Person Calendar) or here (Online Calendar)

For reference, here is MogaDao's (Zhenevere's) official calendar, link. You can't edit this calendar, but it's handy to have it displayed along with your other calendars, as you schedule your classes.