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Thomas Jaggers


Feb 2021


I first began my study of taiji, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in England in the mid-1990's. Over the years I studied with various teachers, but never stuck with any of them. Without being able to articulate it, I always felt there was some depth and some deeper purpose to the practices that was missing. I met Zhenevere in 2012 when a friend recommended that I attend a men's workshop. Before signing up for the workshop, I went to a class at the Railyard to make sure that I felt the teacher was of integrity and had something to offer. From that first class I had no doubt - she was of the utmost integrity and most certainly had something to offer. What I had been missing in all my previous years of study and practice was present, and abundantly so.

David Borton


Jan 2021


I first became aware of MogaDao in 2017, enrolling in a depth sexuality series for male-identified people, who happened in this case to be all cisgender.  I have lived a sheltered life in this dimension, so at first I had some questions and hesitation about “what goes on in there.”  But my worries quickly evaporated as I found that teacher Zhenevere Sophia Dao, and her students, who were all men of rare integrity, intentionally maintained a relaxed environment free, of any kind of pressure to say or do anything.  This class was of great value to me.  I still have a keen interest in MogaDao’s Depth Sexuality work and have participated in various intensives and classes, but I have branched out into the other MogaDao “techne” which all feed each other in a well-balanced orchestration.  I have derived particular benefit from the Qigong, Yoga, and martial arts practices.   I have always been interested in mysticism, comparative religion and philosophy, and I find the thinking and methods to be sensible, insightful, fresh and profound. And they are inspiring!

Eve Bradford


Jan 2021

The truth is really quite simple: I am more truly myself, and more fulfilled to be so, because of MogaDao and the careful, care-filled guidance of Zhenevere Sophia Dao.

When I first came to MogaDao for a week long immersion, I was in a uniquely difficult, bordering on crisis, place in my life. As I began practicing this Qigong, I could palpably feel trauma and grief metabolizing in my body. By the end of the week, it was as though a film had been cleared from my vision—as a deeply empathic person, I was seeing clearly for the first time, among many other things, the ways I had been confusing the experience of meeting the needs of others with the experience of having my own needs met and identifying with others’ perceptions of me. 

Jaye Marolla


Jan 2021


My first experience of Zhenevere Sophia Dao, preceded her physical body, like so many others called to this tradition, and was initiated by my preliminary study of Qigong, afforded by a student's son who had studied with Zhenevere. The practices stayed with me, incredibly, for 14 years, until I had the opportunity to move to Santa Fe and begin study with Zhenevere in person. I knew through my very first conversation with Zhenevere that I had found a phenomenally unique individual, who encompassed an unparalleled and diversified knowledge of rigorous physical practice, original philosophy, embodied mysticism and deeply held integrity.

Brian Roberts


Dec 2020

I stumbled into MogaDao at the beginning of 2019 during a deep depression—wrestling with debilitations from Lyme's disease (fatigue, nerve damage, brain fog)—disoriented in life. Years of spiritual study and practice seemed to have abandoned me in my crisis... even leaving me feeling ashamed of having the illness. Somehow, I had failed. 

My first visit to MogaDao was a lecture on sexuality by Zhenevere. By the end of the class, I was awake in my soul.  Zhenevere's ability to unwind the troubled territory of sexuality and spirituality filled me with hope. The clarity of what sexuality is with respect to the soul—coming from a transgendered women—allowed me to believe in something more than my cultural, bipolar view of puritans verses pornography (neither one felt right).

Emilie Brough


Jan 2021

“ How am I to train the Power in me” 
                                       Chuang Tzu—The Inner Chapters

I was fortunate to study qi gong, depth sexuality, yoga and meditation with Zhenevere Dao while the Mogadao Institute was still held in the Railyard  Performance Center. Not only did these practices regulate my physical health but they deepened my abilities as an acupuncturist to see and treat my most complex patients. Most memorably, Zhenevere gave a definition of illness as “the death of unconscious health” in a workshop that I have since shared in countless encounters with both patients and students in my integrative palliative care clinics and trainings. 

Sunny Smyth


Jan 2021

From the moment I stepped into my first MogaDao class with Zhenevere over ten years ago, I knew I had found what my soul had been praying for: a careful, somatic practice of yoga and qigong that would enliven my 55-year old body, and was infused with a coherent philosophy that would fully engage my intellect and spirit.

From a young age I had been searching for sincere teachings that would integrate the power of sexuality with deep spirituality. In Mogadao I found a practical methodology embedded within a unique atmosphere of safety and exploration that enabled me to become more sensually alive. With that awakening came an understanding of the intimate relationship between Desire and living one’s Destiny.

Carl Baccellieri


Feb 2021


My experience of practicing in the vast techne of MogaDao, of studying the emerging philosophy of Post-Daoism, and of training personally with Zhenevere has been transformational in my life.  I’ve become more centered in my own authenticity; I’ve cultivated a nuanced and embodied self-awareness; I’ve come to see through limitations and into possibilities I’d nearly given up on.  Have I been stretched outside of my comfort zone? Yes. Thankfully. And always within an atmosphere of encouragement to answer the call to become, in this brief and precious life, the human I feel I was born to be.  I recommend the study and practice of MogaDao to any serious student of the body, by which I mean the soul.

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Chris Keller

Feb 2021

Zhenevere has shown me how to make my life so incredibly worth living. I have learned from her how to be a decent, kind and loving human being to a degree that I did not know existed before she showed me. Through her teachings she has shown me the imperative importance of how to not forsake how much we all truly need connection and one another; human-to-human and human connected to our Mother Earth. Zhenevere has shown me what a woman standing in her inviolable power looks like—Feels Like—and IS. She has graciously taught me how to whole heartedly embrace the paradox alive within me. Her teachings have liberated my life. Truly. I now, long to make love to my life and longingly anticipate my life making love to me. She has taught me how to be a decent, authentic human being who is not scared of her shadow, but rather embraces it with wide swept arms. I am now; thanks to her, a person - decent and true, who wants to LIVE a life worthy of the gifts that a sacred life brings. I wish to walk a life connected, intimately, with the sacredness of ALL.


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