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The Six Ethea




Ethos I
Mythopoetics: Emotion, Archetype, and Imagination

THE EMOTION, ARCHETYPE, AND IMAGINATION ETHOS PROGRAM addresses the deep influence of studies in the imagination on the somatic practices of the MogaDao tradition (the technes). In MogaDao's practices, "Western" ideas of soul and the primacy of the imagination are understood Post-Daoistically, not as ideas alone but as somatic experiences in movement and in meditation. This program focuses on the imagination as the foundation of healing, if healing is considered in the broadest sense to describe a soul's embrace of its own experience through forms of fruition and consummation, challenge and change.

MogaDao Techne

MogaDao Qigong: The Hieratic Stance Series; Morning Medical Qigong

Ethea Yoga: The Archetypal Series

MogaDao Meditation: Jing Retrieval

Ethos II
Approaches to Human Fragility:
Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Immunity, & Ageing

*MogaDao's Ethos I program does not purport to train people to be professional therapists of trauma, but is rather to be considered as an ideational and experiential analogue to the consideration of the human themes of anxiety, trauma, and grief.

THE ANXIETY, TRAUMA, AND GRIEF ETHOS PROGRAM focuses on the psychospiritual role of grief in human life, and the modern conditions of anxiety and trauma, with particular interest in the intersection between the Post-Daoist concept of "info-colonization syndrome," or the way the infosphere has colonized modes of self-sovereignty and human freedom, and "biographical" trauma, or the shattering of the continuity between potential and fruition in the individual.


MogaDao Techne

MogaDao Qigong: 3 Pillars Qigong for Anxiety and Trauma; 3 Pillars Qigong for Grief; The Essential Goodness Qigong Form; The Immunity Form

Ethea Yoga: The Trauma Series

MogaDao Meditation: Floating Heart Meditation


Ethos III
Essence and Transformation:

Post-Daoist Essence & Gender theory—Yin, Yang, and Yun

THE ESSENCE AND TRANSFORMATION ETHOS PROGRAM focuses on Post-Daoism and Post-Daoist theories of essence and change, with particular concentration on Post-Daoist Gender Theory. Post-Daoism is a new branch of ontological philosophy representing radical revaluations of “inherited” or classical Daoism. Post-Daoism introduces a comprehensive revisioning of nearly all aspects of classical Daoism, including new understandings of Yin-Yang Theory and the introduction of a new Post-Daoist essence: Yun; Introduction to Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory; sexuality, queerness, and gender ontologies based on new understandings of the Jing, rather than standard Daoist binaries of “Yin” and “Yang”; paradigm-shifting reconceptualizations of the three essences of TCM and inherited Daoism: Jing, Qi, and Shen; the teachings of the Erotic Basis of Being and the concept of the Heartmind as a spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, and sociopolitical human responsibility.

MogaDao Techne

MogaDao Qigong: Essential Yin Form; Essential Yang Form; Essential Yun Form;

Ethea Yoga: The Essence Practice (Yin, Yang, & Yun)

MogaDao Meditation: Empty Sky Meditation

Ethos IV
Numina: the body spiritual:
Ritual and Practice

The NUMINA: THE BODY SPIRITUAL ETHOS PROGRAM focuses on the ways that the human being can embody the numinous or spiritual dimension of being through forms of sacred somatics. In addition to the deepest study of the most complex and spiritualized forms of the MogaDao tradition—the MogaDao Qigong Seasonal Transition Forms, or The Cosmic Soma—students learn the religiosity (the spiritual and sacrosanct aspects) of Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory. The program combines the sacredest qigong forms with the Numina Prayer of Ethea Yoga asana, Empty Sky Meditation, as well as sacred theater and sacred performance in relationship to the spiritual life.


MogaDao Techne

MogaDao Qigong: The Seasonal Transition Forms (The Cosmic Soma);

Ethea Yoga: The Numina Prayer

MogaDao Meditation: Empty Sky Meditation



Ethos V
Depth Sexuality: the Erotic Basis of Being

The DEPTH SEXUALITY and EROTIC BASIS OF BEING ETHOS PROGRAM is an in-depth exploration of the broad concept of eros, covering a widest range of considerations such as: queer studies, ageing and sexuality, sociopolitical sexual politics, gender and sexual expression, sexual depth psychology, and sensual self-sovereignty and sexual energy cultivation as a form of self-empowerment and social activism.

MogaDao Techne

MogaDao Qigong: The Eros Bridge Form; The Epicene Form

Ethea Yoga: Erotogenic Yoga

MogaDao Meditation: Jing Retrieval

Ethos VI


The Heartmind Warrior & the Sociopolitical Dimension

The EROS AND CIVILIZATION ETHOS PROGRAM focuses on the responsibilities that we share in the sociopolitical dimension of human life, exploring the characteristics, perspectives, and actions of mature human being in the realm of the polis. Topics under the general topic of social justice, such as gender, race, aging, market versus gift economies, mutual need, care, sacrifice, abilities and disabilities, privileges and marginalization, will all be covered, always supported by the somatic work of the MogaDao techne, designed specifically for the purpose of Heartmind Warriorship studies. The Heartmind Warriorship Ethos Program's "Neurogenic Exercises" are heavily influenced by SACRA Theater.

MogaDao Techne

MogaDao Qigong: The Power Series

Ethea Yoga: The Shared Earth Practice (Partner Yoga Series)

Neurogenic Exercises/Soft Jingshen

Jingshen Gongfu

MogaDao Meditation: Jing Retreival/The Gyre Meditation