Zhenevere Sophia Dao

(Zhen Dao)

Zhenevere Sophia Dao is the founder of the philosophy of Post-Daoism and the MogaDao practice tradition. A teacher and innovator of mythosomatic practices for nearly 30 years, she is a writer on a wide variety of spiritual, philosophical, and cultural subjects. She was a Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University, and has published fiction with Penguin Books. She lives in a small cabin deep in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she teaches Ethos Program Immersions and classes at the MogaDao Institute, and trains and rehearses with the SACRA Theater Company, of which she is the founding director. In addition to directing SACRA, she writes the scripts and develops the choreography for the company's productions, and is herself a player in the troupe.


She is also the founder of the organization, The Transgender Necessity, a platform of lecture, dialogue, and mediation intent on progressing insufficient notions of “tolerance” to celebration of the necessary, multi-dimentional cultural gift of the transgender experience. For more information please contact Zhenevere Sophia Dao at: zheneveresophiadao@gmail.com

“Post-Daoism” is a new branch of philosophy, originated by Zhenevere Sophia Dao, which considers the history of European and American religious philosphical thought with Eastern religious philosophical foundations, finding them both incomplete with regard to what Zhenevere Sophia Dao calls "justified ontology," or what it is to be an emotional, intelligent, complex, caring, sensual, and sexual human being within a larger frame of potential cosmological harmony. Post-Daoism represents a comprehensive revisioning of all aspects of inherited Daoism, including new conceptual understandings of Yin and Yang essence theory and the introduction of a new Post-Daoist essence: “Yun”; Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory (as radically distinct from inherited 5-Element Theory); sexuality and queerness based on new understandings of the Jing, rather than standard binary inherited Daoist harmonics of “Yin” and “Yang”; paradigm-shifting reconceptualizations of the three essences of TCM: Jing, Qi, and Shen; the teachings of the Erotic Basis of Being and the concept of the Heartmind as a spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, and sociopolitical human responsibility; the reestablishment of the primary place of desire in the spiritual life and in Post-Daoist cosmology; theories of immanence and transcendence through a Post-Daoist lens; and new Post-Daoist definitions of the philosophy and practice of performance, art, and pedagogy.

The MogaDao practice tradition and the philosophy of Post-Daoism represent Zhenevere Sophia Dao’s original contributions to the history of qigong, yoga, martial arts, meditation, sexuality studies, trauma studies, comparative religion, and Eastern philosophy.

Zhenevere Sophia Dao can be reached at: zheneveresophiadao@gmail.com


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